Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Meanwhile, underground...

Fang and Rouge were walking through the underground full of lava rivers, rocks, and magma.

"Just what the hell are we doing here? This place is dangerous!" Rouge said, angrily.

"You know what we're doin' here, boss told us that hedgehog is around here, and we're just here to get him" Fang said.

"Yeah well, I say something fishy is going on around here" Rouge said.

"Fishy? What is fishy? Nothin's fishy. I say you're just a bit paranoid, bat girl" Fang said.

"Whatever, I still say something is wrong" Rouge replied.

"Well, if you're that scared, you can stay close to me, and my Revolver will do the trick" Fang said.

"Yeah well, I hope you have itchy trigger fingers, because I may not get out of here alive" Rouge said.

"You bet, sweetheart" Fang said, and cocked his Revolver.
Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you.

"Hello, Fang, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have your Revolver equipped, and your Dual-Machine guns unequipped. You can acquire new Weapons with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Guns." Omochao says.

Sniper Rifle - 350 rings.
Grenade Launcher - 450 rings.
Apocalyptic Flail - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 350 or more rings during the previous stage(you may need to replay some of them to acquire this quantity) you will be able to buy the Sniper Rifle. If not, you'll have to collect more rings on this one, or go to the Stage Select mode to gather more. If you gathered 350 rings, you should buy the Sniper Rifle.

"You have selected the Sniper Rifle. Do you want to buy this Weapon?" Omochao says.

Accept, and Omochao will give you this gun. Fang will grab it, and cock it.

"You have just acquired the Sniper Rifle. This is a very useful weapon, if used correctly! It is useful for destroying enemies in a distance! Press the Z Button to equip your scope, and use the R and L buttons to zoom in and out! By using this, you will be able to shoot enemies that are far away. Make sure to reserve your ammo, though, since you only have 10 shots. Use this weapon only in needed situations, because ammo won't be that easy to find. That's all!" Omochao says.

Since there's nothing else you can buy, quit and move on to the stage...
Stage 11: Magma Doom(player: Fang)

This stage takes place in the underground. It has rocky paths, lava rivers with platforms or rails, magma "pools" in the middle of the paths, and, of course, lots of EggDrones shooting you. Rouge will be following you, but that's just a mere extra.

The stage will mostly take place in rocky paths with lava rivers around that you don't have to touch(so don't let the robots' shoots throw you to the river), paths filled with robots shooting you from the path and from the rivers. You have to get through them while shooting the enemies(don't forget the Strafing, it is very useful).

Throughout the paths, you will also find other obstacles such as small magma pools that you'll have to jump over, and big rocks covering the path that need to be destroyed with the Missile Launcher. You will also find "gaps" throughout the path(they are actually broken sections of the path, but they resemble gaps, since you can't fall to the lava) that Fang's jump will not be able to cut through. To get through them, you'll have to wipe out your Sniper Rifle, and look up. You will se numerous stalactites. Shoot one that is above the broken section, and it will fall, resembling a platform.

These rocky paths are connected with lava river paths. These rivers have platforms that will help you get trough them, and of course, enemies that will be shooting you. You will also find rails to grind on, as flying enemies shoot you. Move the Control Stick to move your gun into that direction to fire the enemies that shoot you as you grind.

After a long railing, you will reach the Goal Ring in an opened rocky path.

Fang says "No worries!" and blows the smoke out of his Revolver as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Fang and Rouge kept walking through the path, as suddenly, it's surroundings broke, revealing lava, and leaving them in a small platform in the middle of the lava.

"AHH!" Rouge shouted. She grabbed Fang's arm, and quickly released it.

"No worries. Everything's cool, nobody panic" Fang said, and held Rouge's hand strongly. She blushed.

"Everything is NOT "cool" my dear weasel" A voice said, coming from under the lava.

"What was that?!" Fang said. Just after, a purple-eyed golden hedgehog raised from the lava.

"What the...who are you?" Rouge asked.

"That is irrelevant right now. Sooo...did you find MY hedgehog, bounty hunters?" The hedgehog said.

"So YOU are...that cloaked figure!" Rouge said.

"That's right, and I am here to claim my prize. I cannot be waiting any longer. I NEED Sonic the Hedgehog right now!" The hedgehog said.

"We don't have him. We're sorry. We couldn't find it so far-" Fang said, but he got interrupted

"LIES! You have run short of time, and I have run short on PACIENCE!" The hedgehog interrupted.

"It's not a lie! We couldn't find it...we looked everywhere, but we couldn't. You...you told us he was here!" Fang said.

"I did, didn't I? But OF COURSE he's not here, you morons! I brought you here because, if I can't have Sonic the Hedgehog, then why would you have your LIVES!" The hegdehog said, angrily.

"So this is where the climax hits the top, huh? Show me what you got!" Fang said.

"Fang...no...it is...dangerous" Rouge said. Her eyes were wet.

"I know. But if someone has to die here, that's me. *he grabbed Rouge's hand*. Not you" Fang said, and kissed her hand.
Boss: Golden Hedgehog(player: Fang)

This battle takes place on the platform in the middle of the lava. You are there, and the hedgehog hovers around. He fires laser beams, strikes at you, fires laser boomerangs, and laser machine guns.

The hedgehog hovers around really really quickly, so none of your guns will be able to "keep up" with him. If you shoot him with any gun, he'll just avoid it.

At first, just avoid his attacks until he fires a laser beam. Strafe to the side as he fires this attack, and, since the attack is hitting the floor, after a while, the floor will brake, revealing a Hover Bike(it isn't Fan's Marvellous Queen, but it controls the same) that was buried underground. Get on it with Rouge, and this is where the real battle begins.

Controls for Hover Bike(reminder)

Control Stick-Steer.
C-Stick-Rotate Camera.
A Button-Jump. Used mainl
y on ramps.
B Button-Fire machine gun.
X Button-Dismount.
L-R- Bank to the left or to the right.
Y Button-Boost. At least one boost orb is required in order to boost. Boosting depletes a boost orb. Boost orbs are scattered around the river. You can carry a maximum of three boost orbs.Z Button-Brake.

As you get into the Hover Bike, he'll start getting away, and firing laser bombs and beams at you. Bank to th left and right or jump to avoid this, and hold the B Button to fire the Bike's machine guns. Since these guns are very fast, they will be able to hit the hedgehog. Just keep firing and avoiding the attacks until you reach another platform. Jump out of the Bike as it approaches the platform, and it the Bike will crash against the platform, and melt into the lava.

Then the whole thing starts again. You have to avoid his attacks until the Bike is revealed, and then chase him down the lava river and shoot him. Repeat this process three times and the battle will be over.(Note that Rouge will be following you always).

Fang says "No worries!" and blows the smoke out of his Revolver as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Fang kept avoiding the hedgehog's attacks, until a laser bomb hit him. Fang fell to the floor, damaged. His chest had a blood "circle", which was bleeding. Rouge ran up to him.

"F-FANG! Are you...okay?" Rouge asked. He held him.

"I'm...*cough*...fine. Don't worry about it" Fang said, and held his damaged area. Rouge held it aswell.

"G-Get away from here *cough*...while you still can" Fang said, with a weak voice.

"I won't leave you alone! I'm not that low!" Rouge said.

"What a romantic scene, isn't it? Let's spice things up a bit!" The hedgehog sad, and fired a laser beam at Rouge. It hit Rouge's arm.

"AHH!" She had a scratch. Fang frowned, angrily. And stood up, while still covering his damaged area.

"Fang..." Rouge said.

"You may hurt me, but *cough* nobody touches the girl!" Fang said. He started to slowly walk toward the hedgehog.

"You do realize what you're doing is completely foolish, right?" The hedgehog said.

"You're *cough* DEAD, mate!" Fang said. He slowly reached his hand toward his Revolver. The hedgehog fired a laser beam at Fang, but Rouge jumped toward Fang, avoiding the attack.

"Are you crazy?! We better get out of here while we still can, silly!" Rouge said, and flew away to the surface while carring Fang.

"I'll take care of them later. Right now, I need to find Sonic's location...and I know exactly where too search!" The hedgehog said, and also flew away.


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