Thursday, September 07, 2006

Meanwhile, inside a volcano...
Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you."Hello, Jet, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Type-J Board equipped, and have the Windy Dash unequipped. You can acquire new Boards with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Boards" Omochao says.

Emerald Stomp - 350 rings.
Green Tornado - 450 rings.
Extreme Feather - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 300 or more rings during the previous stages(you may have to replay some to gather this ammount)you will be able to buy the Emerald Stomp. If not, you'll have to collect more rings on this one, or go to the Stage Select mode to gather more. If you gathered 200 rings, you should buy the Emerald Stomp.

"You have selected the Emerald Stomp. Do you want to buy this Board?" Omochao says.

Accept, and Omochao will give the Board. Jet will equip it to his feet.

"You have just acquired the Emerald Stomp. This is one of the strongest Boards you will ever find! It is much more resistant than the other boards you have, and the needles on it's front and back will be useful for taking out enemies. But, this board is also one of the slowest boards out there. Remember, you can always press the Z Button to scroll between your Boards. Make sure to choose the best Board for each situation. That's all!" Omochao says.

Since there's not anything else you can buy, move on to the next stage...
Stage 12: Erupting Troubles(player: Jet)

NOTE: For this entire Stage, you'll have to use the Emerald Stomp, so you'll need to purchase it, because it is the only board that is capable of touching the lava without melting, due to it's strength and endurance.
This stage takes place on the inside of a Volcano. The looks of the stage are pretty much like Fang's previous stage, but there's a lot more magma around, magma rivers flowing at high speed(this is where your board will go through) surrounded by rocky walls and platforms with shooting enemies.

The first part of the stage will take you through a straight-forwarded lava river. This river has platforms on it's surroundings, with EggDrones shooting you from them. Just avoid these enemies' attacks. You will also find rings and ramps for you to do tricks along the path. You'll also find flying EggDrones hovering over the lava river. To destroy this, just run over them to destroy them with your Board's needles.

The rest of this first half of the stage will remain the same. The only difference will be that, as it progresses, you will find more enemies, rocks that you'll have to avoid, lava "beams" that burst from the river, and more ramps along the path. Once you get through this first half, you'll reach the Chaos Emerald, and an in-game cutscene will interrupt you.

{In-Game Cutscene}

"Oh yeah! The second Emerald's mine!" Jet said, and kept going.

Jet kept moving on, until he saw a dead end.

"Damn, how am I supposed to get out of here?" Jet asked. Suddenly, he heard a vibration.

"Hey, what was that? Wait, don't tell me..." Jet said, and slowly turned around, and saw a lava river coming down toward him extremely fast.

"THIS PLACE'S ERUPTIIIIIIING!!!" Jet shouted, and quickly, he jumped over the incoming river, that took him to the outside of the Volcano. Jet, along with the river, was comming down at an incredible speed through the Volcano's slope. It was now a slope covered in an incredibly fast coming down lava river, with Jet over it.

"LET'S GOOOOOOOOO!!!" Jet shouted.

{End In-Game Cutscene}

This second half of the stage takes place on the outside of the Volcano(you can see the desert at noon beyond). You are over the lava river that's coming down(you still have to use the Emerald Stomp).

This part of the stage is like a running-down path, that goes at an incredible speed. You will find rocks of melted lava along the way, ramps, and of course, flying EggDrones shooting you from above.

You'll need to excecute an awesome use of your reflexes in this part, since you're going way too fast, and at the same time, you'll have to avoid the rocks, and avoid the enemy shots(you can run over the enemies to destroy them, so that'll save you the trouble of avoiding them), and, with the path's speed, plus the ramps, you'll reach a speed that will make you remember Sonic's speed.

The stage keeps going pretty much like this, only it gets harder as you progress. At the end of the Volcano(that means you reaching it's floor) you'll reach the Goal Ring.

Jet says "Alright, that's it!", takes off his goggles, and stears his Board as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
As Jet got to the floor of the Volcano, he flew to the skies. After a few seconds of altitude, he saw a pyramid.

"Hmmm...that pyramid seems interesting. I bet there's something useful in there! I better go check it out" Jet said, and flew toward the pyramid.


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