Thursday, September 14, 2006

Meanwhile, in an unkown location...

Shadow was standing in a rock, and his surroundings were infested with devils, lava, melted rocks, broken buildings, dead bodies, fire walls, lava rivers, and rock paths.

"Where am I..." Shadow wondered. Suddenly, he heard the God's voice.

"This is Osh speaking. You are in Hell right now, Shadow. Because of all the crimes you have comitted. You must pass the tests here. The tests are simple to understand, but difficult to excecute. You must get from here to the Main Battle Room, and thus, getting across all the obstacles Hell provides. Once that's completed, well, if it ever gets will have your Final Trial, where you will face me in an ultimate duel. According to your performance throughout the tests, we will decide the place where you'll stay for eternity. Is this clear?" Osh said.

"I guess-" Shadow said, but he got interrupted.

"Right. Nothing to lose your life over, *chuckles*, right?" Osh says.
===You will not be able to access the Black Market in this stage===
Stage 17: Inferno Hardship(player: Shadow)
Total number of rings: 300

This stage takes place on a Hellish-like place(well, you're actually IN Hell), with the stuff mentioned above. You are in a melted-lava place(thus, rocky like) with lava rivers surrounding you, and in the sides of the rivers, walls with fired-sections, and over you, a night-sky.

This stage plays like any other Shadow stage, only much tougher. The stage is a straight-forwarded path in the middle of the lava, with dash pannels, rings, loops, springs, gaps with Triangle Jumps/Dashes, springs, big jumps, gaps for you to use your Chaos Flight, or gaps with flying devils to home attack on. You'll have to use these to get through broken sections of the path.

This may sound like any typical stage, but it isn't. It's far from a typical stage. Mainly because there are a LOT of obstacles. More than the last Shadow stage. The lava river surrounding you will spit lava balls to the path, breaking it, and if they hit you, they'll kill you. Just pay attention to the path and whenever you see a lava ball spitting from it, just charge a Spin Dash and dash away. These will be very frequent throughout the path.

Fire balls will also fall from the sky. These are not that frequent, but you'll still have to watch out for them. If these hit you, you won't die, but you'll lose all your rings. To avoid them, just move away from the balls' shadows.

Another very difficult thing of the stage is that the path is full of devils. They aren't EggDrones, they're devils. Meaning they're much stronger. Since they are covered in fire, homing attacks won't be effective against them. So you'll have to use your Chaos Powers against them. The ones that are placed across the path are not mandatory to destroy, but since they are a lot, they fire a lot, and their attacks are very strong(they may even throw you to the lava river), you may have to take care of some. One strategy is to use the Chaos Shield to just ran away from them, but their constant shots may deplete your Shield, and since your life gauge is depleted, they'll leave you defenseless. Another option, and the most recommendale, but yet the most long one, is to use the Chaos Earthquake to paralyze them, and thus, depleting their fire shields. This will let you use Homing Attacks to destroy them. The third option is to just fire Chaos Spears as you go to bring down enemies in your path. Use the one that best fits the situation in your opinion.

Throughout the paths, you'll find a couple of rounded areas with rocky walls and lots of devils coming to attack you. These ones are mandatory to destroy, in order to advance. Use the tactics mentioned before to get through these sections.

Once you get through all the stage, you will reach the Main Battle Room, with the Goal Ring in it's entrance.

Shadow says "Hmph!" and crosses his arms as the points accumulate and your rank is given
Shadow slowly walked toward the center of the Room. After a few minutes, Osh spoke:

"Good work, Shadow. You have passed the tests. is the time for your FINAL...TRIAL!" Osh said, and he appeared in the room. He was a ghostly, black figure with red eyes, and two staffs.

"Welcome, Shadow. Your Final Trial will unfold in a few seconds. The Final Trial is quite simple. You will face me in a duel, and according to your performance, the place where you'll stay for the rest of eternity will be decided. Are you ready?" Osh asked.

"I'm dead, what do you think?" Shadow said.

"Okay then...let's do it!" Osh said.
Boss: Osh(player: Shadow)

This boss takes place on the rounded Main Battle Room, surrounded by the lava river. He'll be hovering, thus being unreachable to first.

At first, Osh will be constantly firing fire balls with his staffs. You can easily avoid these by jumping to the side. If three balls hit the same section, that section will brake(Osh, thinking smartly, will fire his balls to the same direction he fired before after firing to some other directions, instead of always firing at where you are). If he brakes a section of the room, the fight will get much tougher, because you will have to be careful not to fall to the river through the borken sections.

Other of his attacks include bombs that create waves in the floor or in the air(you'll have to coordinate between jumping and staying in the floor), sending clones of himself to the battlefield, firing machine gun-like shots with his staffs, lasers that follow you, and seeker missile-like shots.

You may think that the only way to damage him is to use your Chaos Spear, but guess what, your Chaos Powers won't damage him. But the key to defeating him is a Chaos Power, though: The Chaos Flight.

Use the Chaos Flight to fly over to Osh, and a "B Button" will appear on screen. Press it, and Shadow will jump onto Osh, and steal one of his staffs. This is where the real battle begins.

Now, the thing won't be that difficult. With the staff, just press the B Button to fire the same shots he fires to destroy the floor(you can't fire the rest). Just fire these at him and you'll damage him.

After a while, he'll use a "Force-like" power to attract the staff back to him again.

That's about it. You'll have to repeat this process three times to destroy him. The only difference is that his attacks will get more frequent as you deplete his life gauge.

Once you defeat him, Shadow says "Dead or Alive, I'm STILL the Ultimate life Form!" and crosses his arms as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Osh fell to the lava river, defeated, and then reapeared next to Shadow.

"You did *cough* well, Shadow. I haven't had a duel this hard in a long time" Osh said. Shadow smirked.

"As a reward, you will stay in Heaven for eternity. You have earned it. Only pure souls are able of defeating me. You have earned it" Osh said.

"I know. I" Shadow said.

"What do yo-"Osh said, and Shadow interrupted him.

"Never mind. I am here right now, and I am proud of it. I am proud that...that guy who came here innocently is where he should be, and the real person who where he belongs" Shadow said.

"Hmph, right. You are a true hero, Shadow" Osh said.

"What do you mean?" Shadow said.

"You thought I hadn't noticed? For the love of myself, I am God, Shadow. I knew from the very beginning that Sonic actually died, and YOU were the one who travelled here by that coffin." Osh said.

"Wha...then why didn't you say anything?" Shadow asked.

"Because I understood your situation. I understood your decision, and agreed with it. Both of us know Sonic is needed alive more than anyone else, and this was the only way to bring him back to life. Without Sonic, the world wouldn't have a chance. You sacrificed himself for the sake of your world, Shadow. Your soul's pureness is priceless" Osh said.

"You're right, I guess. That's what I do. That's who I am" Shadow said.

"Come then, Shadow. You will be treated VERY nicely in Heaven. Youl will be treated like you deserve." Osh said.

Then, both Shadow and Osh slowly walked toward a portal, and they were teleported to Heaven.


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