Saturday, September 09, 2006

Meanwhile, in Egypt...

The camera was facing a giant pyramid in the middle of the deep sahara desert. At it's floor, the sun shined on a very bright yellow light. The camera quickly zoomed in, and that "light" was none other than Espio's deep, bright, yellow eye. With this, the screen changed to a black background, and this text was being written, in purple letters, and after it finished writing, Espio said what was written on the background, which was:


With this, the screen showed different pictures, and Espio was the narrator. Espio narrated the following, as different screens appeared:

This is Espio the Chameleon, excecuting operation "Mysterious Curses"(this sentence shows the red Chaos Emerald). Due to an unexpected incident, I ended up in the warm sands of the Sahara Desert.(this sentence shows a general view of the desert, full of pyramids)But, luckily for me, after a long walk, I came across a huge pyramid.(this sentence shows the outside of the pyramid he's standing in front of from different angles). After doing some research on this pyramid's walls, I realised this pyramid is none other than Horus-Qaa the Hedgehog's thomb.(this sentence shows some heroglyphic pictures, showing a golden, crowned hedgehog killing other hedgehogs). Horus-Qaa was the greatest Pharao Egypt ever had. He lived for 92 years, and his empire was the greatest of all time, and was the one that let Egypt take over other nations(this sentence shows the same hedgehog, but in person, taking out other people with his sword)What made Horus-Qaa so powerful, was the fact that he came from a double-crossed blood dinasty. As his name implies, "Horus-Qaa the Hedgehog" was a hedgehog, and the first one of them all, but as his other name implies, "Horus", meaning "Hawk", he also had the properties of Hawks. He was very fast, but also very wise and powerful, and could also fly.(this sentence shows a deep look of Horus, he was a golden hedgehog with purple eyes, furry feet and hands, spikes resembling Sonic's, and wings. You reader have seen this figure before)As the tradition says, the bigger the empire, the bigger the thomb, and the richer the jewels. This meaning, when a Pharao dies, depending on how his empire did, they'd build a bigger Pyramid to be his thomb, and would put more jewels on it's coffin. Since Horus-Qaa's empire was so succesful, his pyramid, is gigantic, full of traps, curses, and momificated guards(this sentence shows a quick look of the inside of the pyramid). And, also, since his empire was that powerful, the Egyptians decided to put the first Chaos Emerald ever found, the red one, on Horus-Qaa's thomb, along with his body(this sentence show's Horus' momificated body, with lots of jewerly around it, and, in the center, the red Chaos Emerald)My mission? Infiltrate Horus-Qaa's gigantic pyramid, reach it's top, and steal the Chaos Emerald from the coffin. My reward? The second, red Chaos Emerald(this sentence shows Espio entering the pyramid)
Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you."Hello, Espio, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Shuriken equipped, and have the Tranquilizer Dart unequipped. You can acquire new Stealth Items with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Items" Omochao says.

Smoke Bomb - 200 rings.
Poisoned Stake - 300 rings.
Ninja Sword - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 200 or more rings during the previous stages(you may have to replay some to be able to afford 200 rings) you will be able to buy the Smoke Bomb.

"You have selected the Smoke Bomb. Do you want to buy this Item?" Omochao says.

Accept, and Omochao will give you this Iten. Espio will grab it, and and put it in his belt. "

"You have just acquired the Smoke Bomb! This item will allow you to pass by guards, spotlights and lasers unnoticed! Just throw one of these at the floor, and all of the guards will not be able to see you, and the spotlights and lasers will get deflected due to the smoke! But be careful, though, since you only have three bombs to use for the entire stage, so use them wisely! That's all!" Omochao says.

Since there's nothing else you can do, quit and move on to the stage...
Stage 13: Cursed Intrigues(player: Espio)

This stage takes place on the inside of a pyramid. It looks pretty much like Shadow's stage, but it plays like the other Espio stages. The thing consists of several room, that you'll have to pass by unnoticed.

The first rooms of the stage will be small rooms, like you're used to see, with two or three momificated hedgehogs guarding. Just hide under stuff such as columns or other pillars to pass by them, or just throw a Tranquilizer Dart at them to asleep them. As you progress, the rooms will be the same, but with more momificated bodies, spotlights, and lasers, progresively. Don't use any Smoke Bombs here, you'll need them later. Just use Tranqulizer Darts on the guards(make sure they're not looking at you when throwing the darts, strike them from their back) turn invisible to avoid the lasers, and just use your best stealth skills to pass by the spotlights without them detecting you.

As you move on, the rooms will be the same, but instead of momificated bodies, they are now EggDrones. This will be more difficult, because they can see your invisibilty, Tranquilizer darts don't affect them, and they're smarter. Luckily for you, there will be more stuff for you to hide. Just hide under tables or behind pillars to pass by the EggDrones, spotlights, and lasers unnoticed. As you progress, these roms will get more difficult, meaning more guards, more spotlights and more lasers. When avoiding the lasers, remember you can't be invisible forever, so watch out for your Energy Guage.

Throughout the rooms, there will be three long straight-forwarded paths(kind of like Shadow's stages ones) full of spotlights, lasers, and EggDrones. To get past these, throw a Smoke Bomb, and run for your life so you get past the room before the smoke dissapears.

After one of these rooms, you'll reach the Goal Ring, in front of the Pyramid's top rounded room.

Espio says "Mission acomplished!" and does a Ninja pose as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Espio entered the rounded room, as a giant EggDrone with wings, two red eyes, four arms, needles on it's back, and rocket launchers on it's shoulders appeared.

"What are you doing here, intruder?!" The EggDrone asked.

"That is none of your concern. Just move out of my way" Espio said. He willed to keep walking, but the robot stopped him.

"You're here for the prophecy right? Well guess what, you'll not be able to get it! Us Mobians will get the prophecy, and with this, we will RULE MOBIUS!" The robot said.

" guys are from MOBIUS?!" Espio said, shocked.

"Yeah...that pathetic planet was once run by strange animalistic creatures like you, but when we arrived we destroyed that pathetic island, into a Metropolis habitated by the latest technology in the universe!!" The robot said.

" killed every wildlife that beautiful planet had...I WON'T FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!" Espio shouted, angrily, and did a Ninja pose.

" see, us Mobians would not need to come here, to this pityful planet, if it wasn't for the prophecy we need. And you're not taking it from us!" The robot said.

"And what is this "prophecy"you speak of?" Espio asked, with a calmed voice again.

"Nobody knows if this is true, but legend tells that this coffin, is actually a path between life and death. If this is true, then...IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITES!...Wait...why am I saying this to you? You'll go down!" The EggDrone shouted. Espio performed the Ninja pose again.
Boss: EggDrone Quartus(player: Espio)

This boss battle takes place in the rounded place of the pyramid.

The EggDrone is permanently flying. From the air, he fires seeker missiles(you'll have to run toward a wall, and jump, thus making the missile hit the wall to avoid them), he'll fire laser machine guns from his eyes, and will stretch his arms to the floor trying to grab you(you'll have to run to the side and jump to avoid this attack).

Since he's permanently flying, and Tranquilizer Darts are useless, you'll have to find a way to lower him. And that way are the Shurikens.

You'll have to turn on the 1st Person Aim view, and with this, throw Shurikens at it's wings. Three Shurikens will destroy one wing. Once you destroy both wings, the robot will fall. Once on the ground, just strike him with the dagger to lower his life gauge. After a while, he'll grow new wings, and the thing will start again.

That's about it. You have to repeat this process three times in order completely deplete the robot's life gauge.

Espio says "Down with you" and does a Ninja pose as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Espio jumped back, as the robot exploded. He then proceeded to open the coffin. As he opened it, he saw nothing, but the red Chaos Emerald. He looked stranged, but he just grabbed the Chaos Emerald and started to leave. But soon after, he heard a loud noise, so he turned around.

He saw a bright light coming from the coffin, and out of it, the well-known blue hedgehog came out.

"..S-SONIC?!" Espio said, shocked. Sonic fell to the floor, unconscious. Espio grabbed him.

"Sonic...are you okay?" Espio said. Sonic then slowly opened his bright green eyes.

"...Yeah...just perfect..."He said, with a weakened voice, and with sarcasm. He then slowly stood up.

"Where am I...?" Sonic asked, looking around the place.

"You're inside a pyramid, in Egypt!" Espio said.

"Hey, that means...I'm alive!" Sonic said.

"Yes, you are. Tails told me you were dead. This is confusing" Espio said.

"Yeah, I was. *sigh* it's been a tough ride" Sonic said. Espio then remembered "the prophecy says this coffin is actually a path between life and death..."

"I...see..." Espio said.

"But why are you here?" Sonic asked.

"I was just fetching a Chaos Emerald. I was about to leave...but Sonic...I need you...all of us need you" Espio said.

"Heh, where have I heard that before? What's the problem now?" Sonic asked.

"It's much bigger than the others you've''s Mobius" Espio said, and just after, they heard a loud noise, and the golden hedgehog appeared.

"Who are you?" Sonic asked.

"Ah, I see you've made it back to life safely, Sonic the Hedgehog!" The hedgehog said. Sonic frowned.

"You are....Horus...Horus-Qaa the Hedgehog!" Espio said, shocked.

"Wise thinking, chameleon. I indeed, am Horus-Qaa the Hedgehog, that Pharao. And, unfortunately, I'm here to take Sonic back to Hell!!" He said.

"No way!!" Sonic said.

"But...why? You are supposed to be a good person!" Espio said.

"I am, I am. But I also have my priorities. The last descendent of the Hedgehog Dinasty can't be alive!" Horus said.

"Does that mean...I come from your family?" Sonic asked.

"Indeed, you do. I am your oldest grandfather. And guess what? You are the last descendent of the dinasty. And, as the prophecy says, if the last descendent of the Hedgehog Dinasty is alive, the path between life and death will never be sealed! The only way to seal it forever is sending the last descendant to the other world!" Horus said. Sonic frowned.

"I will not die again. Mark that one, grandpa!" Sonic said.

"You see, at first, I thought my descendant was that Shadow the Hedgehog guy, that's why I've been "sending" dreams of the death of a hedgehog to him, for him to be scared of the Final Trial!" Horus said.

"Those sent them?!" Sonic said.

"That's right. But then I true descendant was not him. It was you. Becase, when that robot killed you, the path to the other side had finally been closed! But now that you're's open again!" Horus said.

"You''re insane!" Espio said.

"Now that you've had your proper explanation, you will go down, son!" Horus said.

"I'm ready whenever you are!" Sonic said, angry.

"I will not kill you right now, though. I will wait for the right time, the right place. We will meet again, hero!" Horus said, and flew away.

"We have to stop him! That guy's dangerous!" Espio said.

" I can't fly!" Sonic said.

"But I do!" A familiar voice said. Sonic and Espio turned around.

"Jet!" Sonic said.

"Hey Sonic! Long time no see...I see you were talking about catching up with some flying guy? Well, I'm here!" Jet said.

"Okay...see that guy over there? *points at sky, at the distant figure* It would be very kind of you to track him down!" Sonic said.

"Ah, sounds easy. So, I see, I will finally prove you who is the fastest around this planet, huh?" Jet said.

"If you can catch him, you'll definetly prove something!" Sonic said, and winked.

"Then it's settled!" Jet said, and put on his goggles. He threw his board, and jumped on it.

"SKYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!" Jet said, as he flew away toward Horus.

Both Espio and Sonic kept looking up. Espio looked at Sonic. Sonic looked at Espio, and put his right thumb up.


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