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Meanwhile, in the desert...

Shadow was running through the desert. After a few seconds, he came across a pyramid. He got closer to it, and the pyramid said "Horus-Qaa's empire, rest in peace".

"This should be it..." Shadow said, and started looking for an entrance. On the back of the pyramid, he saw the same hand-shaped hole he saw in that tower of the forest.

"That figure told me to come to Horus-Qaa's pyramid...and now I see this same hole...hmph, ironic" Shadow thought, and, without hesitating, he put his hand in the hole.

The pyramid's walls opened, like resembling a door, revealing the entrance to the pyramid. Shadow entered.
"Hello, Shadow, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Chaos Shield equipped, and have the Chaos Earthquake and the Chaos Spear unequipped. You can acquire new Chaos Powers with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Powers" Omochao says.


Chaos Flight - 300 rings.
Chaos Control - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 300 or more rings during the last three stages(remember you spent some of these rings on the other two powers, so you may have to replay some of them to gather the enough ammount of rings). you will be able to buy the Chaos Flight.

"You have selected the Chaos Earthquake. Do you want to buy this Power?" Omochao says.

Accept, and Omochao will give you a light blue energy ball. Shadow will grab it, and his eyes will turn light blue and will light up. Shadow shouts, and just after that his eyes turn normal again.

"You have just acquired the Chaos Flight! This Power will let you get across gaps that seemed impossible to get through before! Activate it, and Chaos Wings will grow on you. With those acitvated, get through the gap by pressing the X Button repeadetly. But watch out for your energy gauge! It will start dropping when you activate this Power. If it depletes completely, your wings will dissapear and you'll fall, so be careful! That's all!" Omochao says.

Since there's not anything else you can buy, move on to the next stage...
Stage 10: Ancient Prophecyhole(player: Shadow)
Total number of rings: 250

This stage takes place on the inside of the pyramid. The place is full of heroglyphics on the walls resembling crowned hedgehogs destroying other people, but, if you check closer, you will often come across heroglyphics of characters from other SEGA games(Nights, Ristar, Vectorman, Pulseman, Ryu, Tenchu, etcetera).

If there's one word that can describe this stage, is TRAP. This stage practically consists of straight-forwarded paths with lots of traps, like the traps the ancient egypts used to put so that no one stole their pyramids. These straight-forwarded paths are connected by more "relaxed" stuff, like loops, rails, gaps with enemies to use your Homing Attack on, Triangle Jumps and Dashes, Springs and big jumps, and gaps with nothing, for you to use the Chaos Flight.

The Chaos Flight acts pretty much(almost exactly) like the Light Flight or whatever from Jak 3. Once you activate the wings, jump, and then jump again, and again, and again, to flip your wings and gain altitude, and thus, getting through the gaps. There's one difference from Jak 3, though: As Omochao mentioned, once you activate the flight, your energy gauge will start depleting, and if it depletes completely, you'll lose your wings and fall. So you'll have to hurry up when getting through the gaps.

As mentioned before, the main "thing" this stage has is straight-forwarded paths with lots of traps. These paths consist of, well, paths, with rings, dash pannels, and lots of enemies(momificated hedgehogs) throwing stuff at you(like needles and such). There are also two rails to the side, but this time, they aren't useless as before, since grinding through them means not touching the floor, and thus, avoiding much of the traps.

The traps consist of simple "obstacles" that a typical platform game would give, but pretty difficult to avoid, considering they "show up" from nowhere, and since you had lots of speed acumulated, the thing may get tough if you don't show good reflexes. These obstacles include flamethrowers coming from the sides(you'll have to jump to the rails to avoid them), parts of the floor that automatically dissapear(Again, rails), needles coming from ahead(jump), incoming big rocks that are rolling from ahead(steer to the side, you may have to do it numerous times), water that rises from underground(rails), flames that get all throughout the rails, while rocks and enemies are shooting you(since you'll not be able to jump to the rails, you'll have to stay in the path, and avoid the enemies and rocks), needles that pop from the sides, wind that tries to take you out of the path(you have to hang from the rails to avoid falling, you do this by pressing B while next to the rail). These may not sound very tough to avoid on their own, but the problem is they'll sometimes combine, meaning you'll have to hace two, or three, or four, or almost all of the obstacles at the same time. This may get very tough, but with a bit of practice you'll get through it.

After the last straight-forwarded path, and a big jump, you'll reach the Goal Ring, in front of a big rounded room.

Shadow says "Hmph!" and crosses his arms as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Shadow approached the center of the room, where he found the same coffin he saw at the tower of the forest. He walked toward it, opened it, and a very bright light came out of it...
Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

Two Sonics approached a cloaked(with a white tunic) figure.

"Greetings, ecxelence. I am Sonic the Hedgehog, and my alive-self has finally reached our place. He is ready to take the tests, have his Final Trial, and, of course, rest in peace forever" The dead Sonic said.

"Ahh, I see. Sonic...the Hedgehog. I...think I remember your name. I didn't expect to see you here so soon" The figure said.

The "Alive" Sonic was about to speak, but the "dead"(we'll difference them this way) Sonic interrupted him.

"He wasn't expecting to come here so soon either, unfortunately, he lost his body by an accident" He said.

"I see...I...see. So, you know how this goes, I'll have to weight your hearts, to see where you should take the tests" The figure said, and he inserted his ghostly hand into both Sonics' body, and extracted their hearts.

"Wow...I...didn't feel anything..." The alive Sonic said.

"I was afraid of it at first, but it isn't..." The dead Sonic said, and chuckled.

The figure put both hearts on each of his hands and closed his eyes, concentrated. He suddenly opened his eyes, and dropped both hearts to the floor.

"...Something wrong?" The alive Sonic asked.

"Yes...MUCH" The figure said angry.

"What do you mean, ecxellence?" The dead Sonic said.

"Both hearts...they have a different essence...they can't be from the same person!!" The figure said...
Meanwhile, in a Pyramid...

Shadow looked at the bright light, and looked at the coffin, which was slowly dissapearing into the light. After a few seconds, Shadow frowned, and jumped into the light, and it dissapeared...
Meanwhile, back in an uncertain location...

"What do you mean? Sonic the Hedgehog's dead self" The dead Sonic said.

"That is of you is not Sonic! I can't be fooled" The figure said.

The camera zoomed out, showing Shadow hiding under a "cloud" behind them.

" not possible! Sonic is actually dead, and he's about to face the tests, and the Final Trial! I thought this was only a mere story!...But...that means...Sonic's dead...that is..." Shadow thought, and a tear came out of his eye.

"Um...the only thing I know, is that I'm don't push it!" The alive Sonic said.

"If you are Sonic...then your dead self is not!" The figure said. Just after, Shadow showed up, interrupting.


"What the..." Sonic said, he turned around, and gasped in shock.

"Shadow...!" The alive Sonic said.

"Shadow?" The figure said.

"'s my nickname, you know, "The Shadow", because I can infiltrate...places, yes. But, since you guys are friends, I can tell you my real name...Sonic the Hedgehog" Shadow said.

"W-what?!" The alive Sonic said.

"Ahh, so you are Sonic the Hedgehog. It all makes sence now" The figure said.

"That's right, boss-boy! do I get to face the, ya know, testies!" Shadow said, trying to imitate Sonic, horribly.

"I have to weight your heart first...but...I need to weight your dead self's heart too" The figure said.

"Um...this is my dead self!(Shadow said, pointing at the Dead Sonic) he's dressed up like blue, because um...he had to infiltrate the, um..."Blues Only" casino, so, ya know, he had to dress up blue-like" Shadow said.

"What! That's a lie!" The dead Sonic said.

"I've had enough lies for this day" The figure said, and he weighted the dead Sonic's and Shadw's hearts.

"Uh...I see...they have the same essence" The figure said. Both Sonics gasped in shock.

"You...have done many, many wrong acts. That means...your fate Hell. There, you will face the tests...then, you will have your Final Trial, and in peace forever, in Hell" The figure said.

"Um...coolness! know what? This guy(pointing at Alive Sonic), should go back to "alive world", because, you see, he's here because of a grave mistake. You see...he saw a light and touched it, and he magically appeared here. He told you he died because he was ashamed of himself. So yeah, you should like, send him back" Shadow said.

"Oh, those bright lights. Did it came out of a coffin?" The figure asked the alive Sonic, but Shadow answered.

"Yes! A coffin! He told me the story! He saw it on a pyramid and stuff!" Shadow said, still horribly imitating Sonic.

"I see...then, it is a grave mistake. You will come back to the alive world, dressed-up person" The figure said, and throwed a bright beam of light at Sonic.

" yourself to save me" Sonic said, in a down voice.

"Hmph, like Sonic, like Shadow, eh?" Shadow said, as Sonic dissapeared.

"Now, you shall go to Hell, and face the tests, and have your Final Trial, Sonic the Hedgehog" The figure said, and sent Shadow to Hell through a portal. The figure dissapeared, and the dead Sonic was alone in the screen. He spinned, revealing his real form...a golden hedgehog with bright, purple eyes.

" an outrge! Sonic the Hedgehog CAN'T be alive! That damned black hedgehog will pay! But for now...I have to make sure Sonic comes back to Elsewhere, before it's too late. The fate of the world depends on Sonic's death!" The golden hedgehog said, and teleported himself somewhere else.


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