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NOTE: This is a direct sequel to my previous game idea (http:// (Sonic the Hedgehog) To be able to understand the majority of the background and further plot this game idea presents, you should read Sonic the Hedgehog.

Background Story:

A few months have passed after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog, where Super Sonic put an end to the battle with the EggBots by destroying their fusion, the Ultimate EggBot, and never returned from the fight. Tails, Knuckles, and Amy have been waiting for him to return, but he never did. So, within these months, everyone had lost hope of seeing him once again, and, assuming he's dead, they just moved on with their lives. Tails kept building machines on his workshop, Amy kept shopping and doing a city life, and, finally, Knuckles, lost contact with the rest and tried to find a way to recover the Master Emerald's energy, which was depleted.
Everyone moved on with their lives.

Everyone... except Shadow. Shadow was sure Sonic was still alive, because he swears that, numerous times, he has seen a "vision" of Sonic. He hasn't seen Sonic completely, but he claims he has seen a blue ray steering the skies, or a hedgehogy-like blue creature speeding at high speeds through the hills. He couldn't clearly see who or what that was, unfortunately. When he told this to the others, they just said he's gone completely crazy. He even claimed to have seen this "vision" once speeding around the hills, but Tails, who was next to him and looking at the same way, hasn't seen anything.

So, Shadow was tormented by this, when one day, he saw in the TV News that some ruins in the middle of the same hills he saw these visions of Sonic had been discovered. He quickly ran toward these ruins, and found some strange-looking robots. He thought those were EggBots, at first, but when he got to the ruins' heart, he realized that they weren't EggBots, but something much more dangerous...

Meanwhile, a strange-looking cloaked figure has contracted Fang and Rouge to find Sonic the Hedgehog. This man apparently didn't know that Sonic supposed to be dead, and nor did Rouge or Fang. He promised to pay the bounty hunters handsomely, and even gave them half of the payment before they started the mission, and promised to give them the rest once they bring him Sonic. So, without any doubts, the bat and the weasel started their job...

At the same time, Eggman has been creating a warp machine that would be able to take him to Mobius, his home planet again, and see if the EggBots really come from there or not. He was planning on going to Mobius and destroy any EggBots he saw there...


Espio the Chameleon(Age: 21)

Opinionated, cold-blooded, ninja-skilled, and self-obsessed purple chameleon at the Chaotix Detective Agency. This time, he's taking a break from the Chaotix's jobs, and is determined to find all seven Chaos Emeralds on his own, at all costs. He's almost certain the seven Emeralds' power will provide him with what he calls the "Ultimate Ninja Power".

His stages involve you infiltrating high-security places to, on the majority, get or steal a Chaos Emerald.

Fang the Sniper(Age: 25)

An Australian, bounty hunter purple weasel that has excellent shooting skills. A strange cloaked figure has contracted him and Rouge to get Sonic the Hedgehog and bring him to the figure. And promised to pay the hunters handsomely if they accomplish the job. Now, he's ready to capture Sonic and receive his payment... even if he has to team up with the bat girl.

His stages involve you getting to the Goal Ring through high-packed action stages filled with shooting and vehicle riding.

Jet the Hawk(Age: 20)

A green hawk member of the Babylon Rogues who has excellent Extreme Gear skills. Since there's not much going on within the Babylon Rogues, he's decided to work on his own for the first time to gather the seven Chaos Emeralds for his personal use. He'll use his beloved Type-J to get all of the Emeralds, no matter what.

His stages involve you getting through air courses, dangerous paths, radical race tracks, or other types of environments by using your Type-J to get to get, steal, or earn a Chaos Emerald.

Shadow the Hedgehog(Age: Unknown)

The ultimate life form created by Professor Gerald Robotnik, a black hedgehog capable of executing mortal Chaos powers. Ever since Sonic's death, he's been seeing strange visions of Sonic, even though he couldn't see them clearly, nor could he speak to them, he was certain that they looked like Sonic. He seems to be the only one that is able to see these visions, but even though, he is determined to get the answers to all of this. And he may be closer to the answer once he finds some strange ruins, and along with them, some dangerous robots.
With this, Shadow's greatest quest about finding the truth about Sonic's death is about to begin. Of course, he'll get some "help" from his strange dreams.

His missions involve you getting to the Goal Ring as fast as possible. Classic Sonic game play.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The world's fastest supersonic hedgehog. Even though this blue blur was supposed to be dead, he still maintains a presence around the world. Well, to Shadow at least. He claims he has seen him, or at least a figure that looked like him. He could never see it clearly, and of course, never spoke to it. Even though this figure didn't show up clearly, and Shadow's the only one that has seen it, Shadow is determined to find the truth about all of this, with help of his strange dreams.

Miles "Tails" Prower(Age: 13)

The two-tailed orange fox boy. After he finds out about these new ruins found at the hills, and more importantly, about the dangerous robots found there, he is determined to use his improved skills on machinery to help out in Shadow's quest. But... he doesn't believe there are actually Sonic "visions" at all.

He isn't playable.

Rouge the Bat(Age: 23)
A treasure hunter who loves jewels. This menacing, mysterious, sexy and smooth bat girl has been contracted by a strange cloaked figure along with Fang to capture Sonic the Hedgehog. The cloaked figure seems strange to her, but since there's a handsome payment involved, she doesn't care. Now she has to team up with Fang to find Sonic. She doesn't trust this weasel much, but she is certain that keeping all the payment for her own won't be very difficult.

She isn't playable.

Dr. Eggman(Age: 61)
The evil genius who possesses an incredible IQ of 300. This time, he's determined to travel to Mobius, his home planet, to find out the truth about the EggBots. But, after discovering these strange but certainly powerful new robots, he's determined to trick them to use their strength to his evil threats.

NOTE: Before every stage of each character, you will access the Black Market. Here, Omochao sells you new stuff(varies depending on the character) that you can buy by using the rings you have collected in the previous stages(you won't be able to buy anything before the first stage). For each character, a list of stuff will be available. After you buy all the stuff available, a list of new stuff will become available.


Controls for Shadow:

Control Stick- Move/run.
L-R/C Stick- Rotate Camera.
A Button- Jump. Hold to jump higher.
B Button- Spin Dash. Hold to go faster.
B Button when near rings- Light Dash.
X Button- Slide. Used to attack an enemy's feet or to squeeze through narrow gaps.
Y Button: Use Chaos Power.
Jump, A button- Homing Attack. Use when facing a wall or tower to activate the Triangle Jump or the Triangle Dash respectively.
Jump, B Button- Light Attack.
(Shadow will be able to acquire new Chaos Powers at the Black Market)

Controls for Espio:

Control Stick-Move.
C-Stick-Rotate Camera
A Button-Jump
B Button-Throw Item/Grab dead bodies while near them/Dress up as a guard/Talk
B Button while in midair-Become invisible.
X Button(hold)-Walk slowly.
Y Button-Become invisible
L-R Button-Stick to a wall. Move the Control Stick left or right to strafe. When on the edge of the wall and there's another wall next to it, press the A button to quickly stick to the other wall. Z Button-Changes B Button function.

(Espio will be able to buy new Ninja Moves, Ninja Weapons, Disguises, and other stealth items)

Controls for Fang:

Control Stick-Move
C-Stick-Rotate Camera
A Button-Jump
B Button-Fire.
Y Button-Switch weapons.
X Button-Ride vehicles.
Z Button-First person view. Used to aim.

Fang's weapons:

-Revolver. Used to take out small amounts of not-so-strong enemies.
-Dual Machine-guns. Used to take out large hordes of weak enemies.

(Fang will be able to buy new weapons or "activate" new vehicles at the Black Market)

Controls for Jet:

Control Stick-Steer.
C-Stick-Rotate Camera.
A Button-Jump. Used mainly on ramps or to avoid obstacles
B Button-Turbulence. Used as a boost to get through quick sands or strong winds.
R-L Button-Use to get through sharp turns.
X Button-Brake.
Control Pad/Stick in any directions while jumping fro ramps-Perform tricks. The trick system plays pretty much like Sonic Riders' one.

(Jet will be able to buy new boards or other Extreme Gear at the Black Market. These new gears will be faster, easier to steer, stronger, able or performing more tricks, between other actions)


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