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NOTE: The changes to the first update were edited in the first update.
Check them out if you wish.


The camera was facing a TV directly, where a man talking from a hillside- like place could be seen

"And now for an XYZ News update! Here we are, the mighty XYZ cameras, transmiting LIVE from this hill-like place, where some strange old ruins have been found. These ruins are an incredible ancient discovery, and our EXCLUSIVE cientists are currently trying to get to the center of these ruins, certain that there will find something worth-watching ON XYZ OF COURSE."

The man kept talknig, as the camera zoomed out, facing Dr. Eggman staring in front of his TV.

"These ruins seem to be a fine discovery... and one I should use for my personal endings" He said to himself. The man kept talking as he was walking toward a big pillar.

"As you fellow XYZ followers can see, this pillar is one of the remnants of this ancient, yet unknown, civilization. We'll be taking this pillar to analyze at our exclusive XYZ lab."

Eggman looked closer to the screen, and he saw a group of five, kind of little, red robots, with two green eyes, two legs, two arms with long claws, and jetpacks.

"What the... this can't be possible!... are these...?" Eggman said, staring at the screen.

The man from the TV kept talking, as the robots got closer to the man.

"This should be useful... I have to contact these robots. I bet they have something to do with my "friends", the EggBots. I'll track down their coordinates and contact them. Hahaha... this will be useful." Eggman grinned, as he stepped away from the TV.

The TV remained turned on. The man kept talking, as one of the robots removed his claws, and instead, he "equipped" a big, long knife. As he did, a long, yellow dash was aproximating from the distance. The camera zoomed in that dash. It was actually Shadow the Hedgehog executing a Spin Dash move. He then got to run, approached the area where the five robots and the camera where, and killed all of them using a Homing Attack.

The camera zoomed in the screen, and with this, the scene switched to the place where the ruins were. There, Shadow was standing, with the destroyed robots' parts surrounding him. Shadow started to look around, and stared at a big tower in front of a huge forest. Shadow frowned, and started to run in that direction.

Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you.

"Hello, Shadow, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Chaos Spear equipped, and have nothing unequipped. You can acquire new Chaos Powers with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Powers" Omochao says.


Chaos Shield - 100 rings.
Chaos Earthquake - 200 rings.
Chaos Flight - 300 rings.
Chaos Control - 1000 rings.

Right now you can't buy any new Power. So just quit and move on to the stage...
Stage 1: Idyllic Hillside(Player: Shadow)
Total number of Rings: 169

This stage takes place on a hill-like grassy and sunny place, but with ruins such as pillars, platforms, towers, blocks, or even floors, full of old, ruined rock.

Since this is a Shadow stage, it maintains the classic Sonic-speedy gameplay. You have to rush through the grassy hills, or rocky environments as fast as possible to get to the Goal Ring.

The grassy fields are ussually straight-forwarded with a few enemies shooting you from the side(there will not be much of them, since this is the first stage, so it acts as an introductory stage). You can bounce off them with your Homing Attack, or throw a Chaos Spear at them(the only Chaos power you can currently use, which consits of throwing little yellow arrows that can deal damage) to destroy enemies.

The ruined-rocky environment consists of the other usual stuff of a Shadow level. Loops, corckscrews, Triangle Jumps(that are the ones found in Heroes and Shadow), Triangle Dashes(that are the ones found in Sonic-Next Gen, on the watter tunnel of Kingdom Valley), rails(only one-railed pahts for now), springs to bounce off, gaps with enemies to use the Homing Attack on, and big jumps.

There's not much more to it. Since this is the first stage, the ammount of enemies, and the difficulty all of the parts involve is rather easy, for you to practice. After a big jump, you'll reach the Goal Ring in front of a big tower, which is in front of a huge forest.

Shadow says "Hmph!" and crosses his arms as the points accumulate and your rank is given(A, B, C, D, or E).

Meanwhile, on the Eggman's base's Control Room...

Eggman was standing in front of three of those green-eyed red robots.

"So... what is it exactly that you're looking for, again?" Eggman asked.

"We're looking for unit C-58672. One of the infantry units from our home planet, Mobius, whose ship crashed somewhere in this planet" One of the robots said.

"Ah, now I remember" Eggman said.

"So... do you know where it is?" The robot asked.

"I don't know, I must admit. But I can find it easily. As you can admire, with all this technology, I can track down your friend's location in no time" Eggman said.

"Perfect. So, it's a deal?" The robot asked.

"But... what do I get in return?" Eggman asked.

"Whatever you want" The robot said.

"Awesome. Well then, if you help me do my business on this pathetic planet, I'll find your friend" Eggman said.

"That's fine by us. We don't care about this planet, and our powers can destroy it's core easily" The robot said.

"Very well, so then, it's a deal?" Eggman said, and stretched his hand.

"Deal" The robot said, and stretched his hand aswell. They shook hands.

"Who are you, again?" Eggman asked.

"We are units B-36952, B-36953, and B-36954. We are the military units. One grade lower from the final and most powerful units, the Apocalypse Units. But they stayed on our planet. And as you know, there are lots of Military Units on this planet, so they can help you out aswell" The robot said.

"Very well, I'll call you all EggDrones to abreviate" Eggman said, and chuckled.

Meanwhile, back with Shadow...

Shadow was running toward the big tower, when suddenly, something dropped from the top of a tree and grabbed Shadow. It was a purple weasel with a hat and a big Revolver. He aimed his Revolver at Shadow's head, as Shadow was trying to get off.

"Leave me alone, rat!" Shadow said.

"Don't think so. You're comin' with me, mate" The weasel said.

Just as he finished speaking, Rouge dropped from a tree.

"Let him go Fang. He's not our target" Rouge said.

"Oh shut up, bat girl. You know nothin' about these business. This is a hedgehog, just like our target. So keep your mouth shut while I do my thing" Fang said, and cocked his revolver.

"Fang, NO!" Rouge shouted.

Fang stopped. "Now get your hands to yourself, and leave him alone. He's not Sonic. He's Shadow, a "friend" of mine" Rouge said.

"Oh. Sorry about that mate" Fang said. Shadow closed his eyes, and frowned.

"I told ya I was sorry!" Fang said.

"No problem" Shadow said, and got into the forest.

"Bat girl, my weasel sence tells me we might find somethin' worthy inside this forest. Let's move it inside" Fang said.

"You sure it's safe around there?" Rouge said.

"Nope, not sure. But if anything happens, I've got my good ol' twins with me" Fang said, and pulled out his Dual Machine-Guns.

"And, you also have your good ol' twins with ya, in case any foe needs some femenine medicine" Fang said, and chuckled.

"Oh shut up!" Rouge said, blushed.
Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you.

"Hello, Fang, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have your Dual Machine-Guns equipped, and your Revolver unequipped. You can acquire new Weapons with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Guns. There's also a the Marvellous Queen, your hover bike, waiting for you on the following stage, so go and find it!" Omochao says.


Missile Launcher - 200 rings.
Sniper Rifle - 350 rings.
Grenade Launcher - 450 rings.
Apocalyptic Flail - 1000 rings.

Right now you can't buy any new weapon. So just quit and move on to the stage...
Stage 2: Fireworked Woods(player: Fang)
Total number of rings: 269

This stage plays in the deeps of the forest. Rouge will follow you from close behind, but she'll do nothing, so that's just kind of like an extra.

You only have the Dual-Machine guns and the Revolver right now. But don't worry, because, since this is Fang's first stage, it acts like an introductory for Fang's third person shooter gameplay.

You should use your 180 ammo'd Revolver to take out the stronger robots in this stage(which aren't very strong, since it's the first stage), and you should use it with the smaller groups of enemies, since it consumes less ammo than the Machine Guns. The majority of the enemies will randomly drop ammo for any of your weapons. So grab the ammo the defeated robots drop, since this is the only way to get ammo(if all of your weapons run out of ammo, Fang will do a pretty weak tail-whip instead of shoot).

Your 250 ammo'd Dual-Machine Guns should take care of the larger hordes of enemies, due to their rapid fire. Always make sure to take a look at your remaining ammo, because this weapon consumes ammo quickly.

This stage, just like the rest, is linear, and has "rounded" parts with enemies to destroy, and straight-forwarded paths with more enemies to destroy. There are also some platforming parts where you'll have to jump through platforms(woods in the river in this stage), and railed parts(vines resembling rails) where you'll have to jump from rail to rail, while destroying the enemies in your path.

After a section of the stage, you'll reach your Marvellous Queen in front of a river. Get on it, to start a high-speed, actioned part.

Controls for Marvellous Queen:

Control Stick-Steer.
C-Stick-Rotate Camera.
A Button-Jump. Used mainly on ramps.
B Button-Fire machine gun.
X Button-Dismount.
L-R- Bank to the left or to the right.
Y Button-Boost. At least one boost orb is required in order to boost. Boosting depletes a boost orb. Boost orbs are scattered around the river. You can carry a maximum of three boost orbs.
Z Button-Brake.

This part acts pretty much like the part on the Bonus Stage. You have to use the Hover Bike to get through the river. This is a high-speed action section. There will be enemies that you'll need to shoot away, and dash rings scattered throughout the river to make you go faster. Get through as much as possible to gain more speed. On ramps, jump to reach more dash rings and maybe even shortcuts or alternate paths.

After this section, you'll reach the Goal Ring.

Fang says "No worries" and blows the smoke out of his Revolver as the points accumulate and your rank is given.

Fang and Rouge kept running as a big red robot with one big green eye appeared in front of them.

"Who is this guy?" Rouge asked.

"Don't like the look of him. Stay back" Fang said.

"Prepare to be obliterated, intruders!" The robot said.

"Let's rumble" Fang said, and wiped out his Revolver.


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