Thursday, August 24, 2006

Meanwhile, on the forest...

Shadow kept running through the forest until he came across a gigantic tower. Shadow walked toward it, and he saw the same inscription he had seen before:

Prove yourself as the ultimate existance;
and our fortress will rest your soul.
Prove yourself regular,
and our cellar will be your grave.

Along with it, he also saw the hand-shaped hole on the wall, under the inscription. This time, he didn't hesitate, and he put his hand on the hole.

"Greetings, great warrior. It was about time you arrived this sacred tower...which will soon belong to you" A ghostly voice said, as the doors of the tower opened. Shadow frowned in confuseness.

"Now, allow us to show you the way to your eternal chamber, Sonic...THE HEDGEHOG!" The voice continued, as the doors finished opening.

"Sonic? Great Warrior? Eternal chamber? This is very strange...I better take a look at this place" Shadow said, and entered the tower. The doors closed.

"Hello, Shadow, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Chaos Spear equipped, and have the Chaos Shield unequipped. You can acquire new Chaos Powers with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Powers" Omochao says.


Chaos Earthquake - 200 rings.
Chaos Flight - 300 rings.
Chaos Control - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 200 or more rings on the last two stages(one had 169, less what you spent on the Chaos Shield = 69. The second one had 169 as well, so it is possible to gather 200 rings. If you had, you will be able to buy the Chaos Earthquake. If not, you'll have to collect more rings on this one, or go to the Stage Select mode to gather more. If you gathered 200 rings, you should buy the Chaos Earthquake.

"You have selected the Chaos Earthquake. Do you want to buy this Power?" Omochao says.

Accept, and Omochao will give you a brown energy ball. Shadow will grab it, and his eyes will turn brown and will light up. Shadow shouts, and just after that his eyes turn normal again.

"You have just acquired the Chaos Earthquake. This Power will allow you to shake the ground to deal damage to all the enemies on it. It is a good way to destroy various enemies with only one move! Press the Z Button to scroll between your Chaos Powers. Once you have the Chaos Earthquake activated, press the Y Button to create the Earthquake. That's all!" Omochao says.

Since there's not anything else you can buy, move on to the next stage...
Stage 7: Masthaba Thomb(player: Shadow)

This stage takes place on the inside of the ancient tower. The thing looks like any ancient, dark temple, with grey, old(and thus, kind of broken) walls. Even though this is a dark stage, and an enclosed one, it's still full of speed.

This stage has the speed stuff you're used to see on the previous game's stages, and on Shadow's last two: Loops, corckscrews, straight-forwarded paths with dash panels and rings, rails to the side, and enemies to destroy, running down paths with incoming enemies and shots to avoid, high-speed rails where you'll have to master your balance, and three-railed parts where you'll have to avoid obstacles(some with the camera facing your back, and some with the camera facing your face), running-through-the-wall sections, Triangle Jumps and Triangle Dashes, and more loops!

Even though you didn't at all need the Chaos Shield in the last stage, the Chaos Earthquake will definetly come in handy on this stage. In fact, the straight-forwarded paths may get very difficult without this move, due to the increased waves of enemies compared to the last stage.

After a pretty long Triangle Dash and three loops, you'll reach the Goal Ring on a rounded room.

Shadow says "Hmph!" and crosses his arms as the points accumulate and your rank is given.

Shadow walked slowly toward the center of the room. As he did so, he looked around the place, very stranged. As he got to the center of the room, the ghostly voice spoke

"Welcome to the Eternal Chamber, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mystical Warrior. We've been waiting long enough for your arrival. Only the real Sonic would get through this Masthaba's very well set tricks. The true speed of sound is required. But enough of this speach...WELCOME, TO YOUR MYSTICAL...THOMB!"

The floor started to shake, as Shadow put his hand on the floor to balance himself. A very bright light lit Shadow, as a gigantic Coffin emerged from the ground just next to Shadow.

"A coffin...?" Shadow said. Just as he finished, a misterious Cloaked Figure emerged from the Coffin. He looked at Shadow deeply.

"Ahh... finally. It's been a long time, Sonic the Hedgehog. I haven't seen you since you were a child. You are changed, though...that black skin, those red spikes, those Air Shoes...I remember you differently. But it's obvious that you did some changes to yourself" The figure said.

"Um... no, actually, I'm not...I'm not Sonic" Shadow said.

"Hahaha, that's funny, Sonic. Only the real Sonic would be capable of getting through our Masthaba. Stop it with the jokes, lord." The figure said.

"This is...not a joke, my friend. I'm not Sonic...I am Shadow...Shadow the Hedgehog" Shadow said.

"W-WHAT?!" The figure exploded in anger "If that's so...THEN YOU CAN KISS YOUR LIFE GOODBYE!" The figure said.
Boss: Cloaked Figure(player: Shadow)

This boss battle takes place on the rounded place of the chamber.

The figure matches you in speed, and can travel from one place to the other in a second. He may show up behind you and attack you. He just hovers(his feet can't be seen) but he travels even faster than you. His attacks just involve dashing at you, and teleporing behind you and attacking you. This may get difficult to avoid at times.

What's even more difficult is to hit him. Your Chaos Powers will not work against him, so you'll have to hit him with Homing Attacks. If you try to dash against him, he'll move away from you. The key to hit him is the light in the center of the room. You'll have to step into it, to make the figure follow you, and thus, stepping into the light aswell. Once you do this, use your Homing Attack in the instant he is in the light to damage him.

That's about it, you'll have to repeat this process until you deplete his life gauge.

"No pathetic "chamber lords" are stronger than the ultimate life form!" Shadow says, and crosses his arms as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
"WHA...This is...not possible! You're not Sonic... and yet you defeated me!?" The figure said

"That's right, I just match his speed. Though I've known Sonic very well, I can say I am a..."deep relative" of him" Shadow said.

"Then how dare you enter our sacred chamber, intruder!!" The figure said, even angrier.

"I...I had no ide-"Shadow said, but the figure interrupted him.

"Look, anyone who dares to enter our chamber will die. But since you know Sonic, we may have a little mercy on you. You see, since our great warrior has been missing for 20 years, we decided to set two guys to look for him. But those worthless idiots seem to be no good at this job...I'll have them terminated soon. Anyway, since you know Sonic, tell me where he is, or say goodbye to this world!" The figure said.

"Actually, the one who recently kiss this world Sonic" Shadow said.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" The figure got even more angered.

"That's right, a very powerful robot killed him long ago, but then his Super Form magically showed up, and I believe he destroyed the robot. We haven't heard about him after that" Shadow said.

"HmmHmmHmm...don't worry, I will take well care of Sonic. If you ever need to find me, go to Horus-Qa's pyramid located in Egypt. Farwell, hedgehog" The figure said, and entered the coffin, and then the coffin dissapeared.


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