Monday, August 28, 2006

Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

The camera was facing a place where there was no noise at all, a white place with nothing on it. It was like a white atmosphere, where walls, ceiling, and floor could not be distinguished. Suddenly, footsteps could be heard. They were fast foosteps, that were getting closer and closer. The camera started getting closer to the ground, as two familiar red and white shoes appeared on the screen. The camera started going up, and he face the familiar blue furry body of our favorite hedgehog: Sonic. He stopped running, and started to walk. The camera faced Sonic's back, as Sonic approached another Sonic, identical to him.

"Awesome, a mirror" Sonic said.

"This isn't a mirror, my friend" The other Sonic said. He had Sonic's same voice, but he talked very differently than Sonic.

"What the...?" Sonic said.

"Ahh, sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I am your dead self, Sonic" The other said.

"My what? Dead self? Where am I? Didn't I...die?" Sonic asked quickly.

"Pacience, Sonic. You are in the place where all of the dead bodies go when they die, yes. Indeed, your body IS dead. But your not" The other said.

"Whaddya mean? I'm dead...but my soul isn't?" Sonic asked, confused.

"Let me explain. When someone who is old dies, his or her soul dies aswell, meaning they go to Heaven, or to Hell, deppending on his or her heart's weight, directly. But someone who dies when him or her is young, his or her faith is different. That person's body died, because of the accident or illnes he had, but his soul is not, because it isn't old yet. You, Sonic, are very young, and died because of a very powerful weapon. So, your body is dead. But your soul isn't...not yet" The other said.

"Uh...ya, I think I got that. So...where am I supposed to go now, eh?" Sonic asked.

"You will now meet Osh, the God of the ones who died because of an accident. He'll decide your destiny, deppending on your heart's weight. So far, no one, I repeat, NO ONE, has overcome this God, so, all of them ended in Heaven, or in Hell. When you fail against his demands, I, your dead self, will take you to the place where you will rest in peace forever" The other said.

"And...what happens to the ones that, uh, do "overcome" his demands?" Sonic asked.

"You really don't need to know, since you'll not acomplish it" The other said.

"I asked you a question, dead-boy. So ANSWER!" Sonic demanded.

"Okay, okay. The ones who overcome Osh, will come back to life, because if you do so, it means your soul is still strong enough to recreate your body's Ka, therefore reviving your body. But no one has acomplished this, so don't get your hopes up" The other said.

"Okay, take me with this God" Sonic said, and both Sonics started to walk away.
Meanwhile, in Tokyo...

The camera was facing a gigantic building. Then, the camera started zooming slowly toward the building's inside, once inside, started scrolling through what looked like a Facility, and then, it stopped in the Control Room. There, two scientists where working on something. Suddenly, Espio emerged from under a table, and using Shurikens, he knocked out both scientists. The screen froze while Espio was in the air, and it did a quick zoom toward it's eye, which opened, showing the yellow, bright, deep pupil. With this, the screen changed to a black background, and this text was being written, in purple letters, and after it finished writing, Espio said what was written on the background, which was:


With this, the screen showed different pictures, and Espio was the narrator. Espio narrated the following, as different screens appeared:

This is Espio the Chameleon, excecuting operation "Virtual Core"(this sentence shows the yellow Chaos Emerald) My objective of gathering the yellow Chaos Emeralds has brought me to Tokyo, capital of Japan, and one of the head countries of the world's most advanced technology. It's home of a lot of "nerds", that know computer regards better than the palm of their hands(this sentence takes a quick look through the Facility-like building Espio was in). One of these professional mans is Naoto Ohshima-San, who's a very succesful and extremely rich computer expert. He knows technological regards better than almost everyone in the world, but what really made his face well-known is his design of some video-game character(This sentence shows a Shark-man(yes, Ohshima is a Shark here, kind of like Gleeman Vox from Ratchet Deadlocked), typing on lots of computers, and being on various press conferences) Even though he is a very succesful man, he is very modest. He doesn't presume about his fame or money at all, but, deeply inside, he does love his gains.(This sentence shows Ohshima putting his money into a vault) Recently, he acquired something he'd pay all of his money for: The yellow Chaos Emerald. He gave the rights of his the character-design he had created to some company, and in return, the company gave him this precious gem(This sentence shows a man giving a Chaos Emerald to Ohshima). Since he loves, appreciates, and even admires this treasure so much, he doesn't keep it inside his vault. By using technology unknown by very people, he managed to insert the Chaos Emerald into his internet connection, and keeps it safe inside the internet, and under his hands. This means, no one can steal it, and even if they could, they'd have to insert Ohshima's internet connection password to be able to acquire it.(This sentence shows the internet maze Naoto keeps the Emerald in, and finally, the emerald). My mission? Insert myself into the internet, get through any virtual obstacle that gets in my way, acquire Ohshima's internet password, get inside the internet's core, and steal the Chaos Emerald. My reward? The yellow, and second Chaos Emerald(this last sentence shows Espio typing something on Ohshima's computer, and getting inside the Internet).

Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you.

"Hello, Espio, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Shuriken equipped, and have the Dagger unequipped. You can acquire new Stealth Items with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Items" Omochao says.


Tranquilizer Dart - 100 rings.
Smoke Bomb - 200 rings.
Poisoned Stake - 300 rings.
Ninja Sword - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 100 or more rings during the previous stage(it had 150 rings) you will be able to buy the Tranquilizer Dart. If not, you have to collect more rings on this one, or go to the Stage Select mode to gather more. If you gathered 100 rings, you should buy the Tranquilizer Dart.

"You have selected the Tranquilizer Dart. Do you want to buy this Item?" Omochao says.

Accept, and Omochao will give you this Iten. Espio will grab it, and and put it in his belt. "You have just acquired the Tranquilizer Dart. This Item will allow you to asleep guards, and pass by them unnoticed. You should hurry up, though, because they will wake up after a couple of minutes. That's all!

Since there's nothing else you can buy, quit and move on to the stage...
Stage 8: Virtual Espionage(player: Espio)
Total number of rings: 160

This stage takes place on a internet-like virtual environment, pretty much like Mad Matrix or Digital Circuit from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Even though the stage looks like those stages mentioned above, the structure of the stage is different. Just like Espio's previous stage, it's composed by several rooms, with different security stuff. The first rooms only have three or four guards(virtual guards, everything here is virtual), with tables. To get past them, you have to hide under the tables while they're not seeing you, and while hidden, you have to turn invisible, and then move on.

After that, the rooms will have guards with X-Ray glasses, so they will detect you, even when invisible. To get past them, you'll have to throw a Tranquilizer Dart at them(Yes, you'll have to buy it. If you don't have it, you'll have to replay the previous stage until you gather 100 rings), and then speed through the room as fast as possible. But these rooms aren't as simple as the previous ones. They're much longer, and are covered with platforming-like obstacles, like floating platforms, needles on the floor, pits where you'll have to run through the walls, and lasers. You'll have to get through these as quick as possible so the guards don't wake up.

The third and final group of rooms(note that these rooms are mixed throughout the stage) will have guards without X-Ray visors, and spotlights that scroll throughout the room. To get past these rooms, you'll have to do the following: The spotlights and the guards will "scroll" through the rooms, so sometimes, the spotlights will get over the guards(of course they won't do anything). When this happens, throw a Shuriken to the spotlights so it falls over the guard. When this happens, an alarm will sound, so you'll have to run as fast as possible to the next room.

On the final room, you'll find a sole guard. Knock him out with a Tranquilizer Dart, and dress up as him before moving on. Then, Move on to the next room.

This room is the only one that lasts until you get to the Core. Here, two guards will be walking through the room. At the end of this room, you'll find a door that leads to the Core. But, the problem is, this door will ask you for a password, so you'll have to get it from the guards. This involves your intelligence and skill, and a wrong move may end in detection. Approach any of the guards, and talk to him.

A message will appear on screen, showing three options. You'll need to choose one, and that's what you will tell to the guard. The options are:


1 "Could you tell me the password to acces the Core? My memory is tricking me."
2 "I need the password to acces the Core, please. I'm new to this job, and Ohshima-San forgot to tell it to me. Could you be my reminder"
3 "Think of what you want the most. I can give you anything you want, if you tell me the password to access the Core. You know you want to"

You'll have to think very carefully your choice. After you choose one option, the guard will answer. Here are the answers:(answer 1 belongs to question 1, and so on)

1 "Your memory problems are none of my concern" This will result in nothing. If you get this answer, you'll need to try luck with the other guy.
2 "Right, and I work for Sonic Team! You're going down, intruder!" This will result in detection. If you get this answer, you'll lose.
3 "Okay, okay. Let's make a deal. Give me 10 rings, and I'll give you a clue to the password" This is the correct one.Accept the offer(if you don't have 10 rings, search around the room. There are enough around). "Okay, the password is a contradiction. That's all you need to know. Catch you later"

Now that you have this info, you should go talk to the other guard to finally get the password.

1 "Why hello, tell me a contradiction of "password". "
2 "Tell me the damn password to acces the Core or I'll kill you!"
3 "Greetings, friend. Time for a trick game! Total entertainment guaranteed! Okay, here's the trick If you'd wish to say the contrary of "password". What would you say? Clock's running!"


1 "No way! I don't even know you, sucker!" This will result in nothing.
2 "I've got a better idea: This place's defenses will kill YOU for being an intruder!" This will result in detection, and you'll die.
3 "Oooh, I so totally love these games! Umm...lemme think, lemme think...umm...Oh oh I got it! It's NON-PASSWORD! Oh yeah! I so totally own teh internets!" This is the correct one.

Once you get this answer, go to the Core's door, and enter "Non-password". This will open the door, with the Goal Ring in the Core.

Espio says "Mission acomplished" and does a Ninja pose as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Espio entered the Core room, but there was nothing there.

"What the...where's the Emerald?" Espio asked to himself. He looked around, but there was nothing there.

"Hmm...I guess my only option is to talk to Ohshima himself. I better get out of this place" Espio said, and teleported himself away from the Internet.


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