Monday, August 21, 2006

Meanwhile, in Tokio...

The screen was showing a gigantic racing dome completely full of people, and the announcer's voice could be heard.

"Good morning folks! This is TokioV broadcasting live from the first season of the fastest, the ragest, the DEADLIEST racing tournament on the planet... The Tokio Grand Racing Championship! As you know, folks, the only rule for this championship is... RACE LIKE THE BEST, OR DIE LIKE THE REST! Other than that, our contestants may use any type of racing gear... from bycicles, to karts, to boards! This year's season will consist of only one race on this extreme racing track, and the winner takes the major price... a super-cool CHAOS EMERALD! That's right folks, the winner will get this precious gem by the well-known by everyone Naoto Ohshima! If you haven't gotten your nachos and pepsi yet, it's too late! Because the deadly racers are already coming to the track!(The screen shows seven racers coming, all of them have different gears, like karts, racing cars, boards, hover bikes, hover boards, etcetera).
And now that all of the other racers have come out to the stage, the crowd's favorite racing character EVER! Extreme Gear master, and brother of the wind is about to come out. Give it up for... JET.... THE HAWK!"

The crowd applauded and shouted incredibly, as the camera showed Jet coming out with his Type-J under his right arm, and with his left fist raised up.

"The race is about to begin folks!" The announcer said as Jet tied his shoes to his board.

"Three... two... one!" The announcer said, as Jet put on his goggles.

"RAAAAAAAAACE ON!!!" The announcer said, as all the racers started racing.
Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you.

"Hello, Jet, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Type-J Board equipped, and have nothing unequipped. You can acquire new Boards with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Boards" Omochao says.


Windy Dash - 200 rings.
Emerald Stomp - 350 rings.
Green Tornado - 450 rings.
Extreme Feather - 1000 rings.

Right now you can't buy any new Board. So just quit and move on to the stage...
Stage 5: Furious Wind(player: Jet)

This stage is a racing stage. You have to beat the other seven racers to wind. But note that not all of Jet's stages are racing. There's only one more racing stage, and the others are like the one seen on the Bonus Stage in the previous game. The other racing stage gets you to race only one player, so it's kind of different from this one, but it's race after all.

The stage takes place on a racing track from a futuristic Tokio. Kind of like Metal City, but more futuristic, and you race inside a stadium or dome, not freely in the city. So you are on the futuristic tracks of the dome, and you can see the crowd cheering on the stadium's tribune. The race consists of three laps, and you have to finish first to win.

As mentioned before, the other racers have different types of gears, to make the thing more challenging. There are karts, that can take you down with just a push, but are slower than you. There are also racing cars, which can be faster than you, but a Turbulence should be enough to get ahead of them. They can knock you out too, so be careful. There are people with hover boards like yours, these match you on speed and power, but they can ride on your Turbulence, so watch out for that. You can also ride on theirs, if you get lucky enough to find one. Finally, there's the hover bike, which is faster than you, so to get ahead of that one, you'll have to do tricks to increase your speed. The restant racers have the same gears as others.

That takes me to the tricks. There are lots of ramps placed throughout the track. The trick system, as mentioned on the Controls, plays like Sonic Riders' one. You have to jump when on a trick(the longer you held the A Button, the higher you'll jump), and there, you'll have to use any combinations with the Control Stick to bust tricks. If you land correctly, you'll bust a trick, and your speed will increase(there is no "Air system" here, so instead of filling air, the tricks bust your speed). The more tricks you perform, the faster you'll go! But be careful with the landing, though. If you land incorrectly, your speed with bust down, so be careful. Since this is the first stage, the speed busts(up and down) don't make much difference, because this is an easy stage for you to practice using Jet, but it will be significant on future stages.

If you finish the third lap while being in the first place, you'll win the race.

Jet says "Alright, the race is mine!", takes off his goggles, and stears his board as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Meanwhile, on the forest...

"We're getting nowhere Fang. This forest is gigantic. We'll never find Sonic here" Rouge said.

"Quit the chattin' m'girl. We'll get somewhere in this strange forest, I can feel it. We found that black hedgie before, so that means we're getting somewhere. Besides, this forest has a strange energy" Fang said.

"Finding Shadow on a random forest is not a signal, you idiot. And this hasn't got any energy you moron" Rouge said.

"Shut your mouth, you know nothin' about these business. I can feel somethin' here. Something... strange" Fang said.

"You know what, my dear weasel? I think you've stayed out in the sun... a little too long. I'm outta here" Rouge said.

"Wait, ya can't leave!" Fang said, holding Rouge's arm.

Suddenly, they heard a noise from the bushes.

"What's that?" Rouge said.

"Well, well, seems like we're fighting a little to much, eh?" Eggman said, showing up, with some EggDrone Troopships behind him.

"Don't worry, Fang. She'll not bother you any longer!" Eggman said, as a flying EggDrone lifted Rouge.

"AAAAHHHH!" Rouge shouted.

"Rouge!!" Fang shouted. The EggDrone got away with Rouge.

"Give me the girl back!" Fang shouted, angered.

"Ahh, don't worry, Fang. You won't be needing her right now" Eggman said, and pressed a button, and a robotic wall surrounding Fang emerged from the grass.

"Now you're trapped in the Death Zone now, Fang! You'll fight my robots, or, most likely, DIE!" Eggman said.

"Die? Ha, not likely" Fang said.

"You see, you are a very succesful bounty hunter, Fang. But... how long will you be able to survive in the zone?" Eggman said, as lots of EggDrones teleported to the zone.

"Damn you!" Fang shouted.

Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you.

"Hello, Fang, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have your Dual Machine-Guns equipped, and your Revolver unequipped. You can acquire new Weapons with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Guns." Omochao says.

Missile Launcher - 200 rings.
Sniper Rifle - 350 rings.
Grenade Launcher - 450 rings.
Apocalyptic Flail - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 200 or more rings during the previous stage(it had 269 rings) you will be able to buy the Missile Launcher. If not, you have to collect more rings on this one, or go to the Stage Select mode to gather more. If you gathered 200 rings, you should buy the Missile Launcher.

"You have selected the Missile Launcher. Do you want to buy this Weapon?" Omochao says. Accept, and Omochao will give you this gun. Fang will grab it, and cock it.

"You have just acquired the Missile Launcher. This is a very powerful weapon! You should use it against group of enemies, or against strong ones. Look out for the ammo, though, since it only has 10 ammo. That's all!" Omochao says.

Since there's not anything else you can buy, move on to the next stage...
Stage 6: Death Zone Part I(player: Fang)
Total number of rings: 100

This stage takes place on a rounded part created by the robotic walls. Like Jet's stage, this stage is different from the rest. You don't move form that rounded place, and all you have to do is blow up the incoming waves of enemies. The rings will appear as time passes over the place, so grab them, but you should save some just in case the enemies get too strong.

There will be ten "rounds"(ala Ratchet Deadlocked), so all you have to do is shoot all of the enemies and, basically, survive all of the rounds. Remember the Strafe! It is very important to avoid enemy fire.

There will be weak enemies, mild-strong enemies, and strong enemies. For the first ones, you should use the Machine Guns. For the mild-strong, you should use the Revolver. And for the strong ones, you should use the Missile Launcher. If you haven't acquired it yet, the thing may get a bit difficult. More Revolver shots should do the trick, but the difficulty will raise considerably if you don't have the Missile Launcher.

If you survive all ten rounds, the stage will be over.

Fang says "No worries" and blows the smoke out of his Revolver as the points accumulate and your rank is given.

"When will these 'bots provide some actual challenge, Doc?" Fang said, swinging his gun.

"Right now!" Eggman said, as a huge EggDrone with four arms with four guns, wings, and one big eye entered the zone.

"Up for some Cops n' Robbers, big guy? I'm the cops!" Fang said.

"Your pathetic game will be over before you realize!" The EggDrone said.
Boss: EggDrone Secundus(player: Fang)

This boss takes place on the same rounded zone the stage did. The robot will fire a continuous laser beam from his eyes, will fire machine guns and seeker missiles from his guns, and will fly, drop at you, and then keep flying.

His armor will be invulnerable to any of your guns, even to the Missile Launcher. So you'll have to find another way to defeat him.

His weak spot are his eyes, but just firing at them will do nothing. You have to wait until the armor of his eyes is down. This happens when he fires the laser beam.

When he does this attack, his eyes will turn brighter, and that means they're vulnerable. Since you have to run to the side to avoid his continue laser beam, so to hit him while avoiding the fire, you'll have to... yes, you got it right, Strafe. Strafe to the side while firing his eyes with any weapon to damage him.

Keep firing when he fires his laser beam(as you deplete his gauge, he'll use this attack less often) until you deplete his life gauge.

Fang says "No worries" and blows the smoke out of his Revolver as the points accumulate and your rank is given.


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