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Just as Espio got out of the Internet, he heard a loud noise, as if a group of people were cheering. He took a look around, and saw an opened door, leading to some sort of stadium. He turned invisible, and ran to the stadium. There, he saw Naoto Ohshima with the yellow Chaos Emerald in his hand, and a green hawk next to him.

"That's the Emerald! But...who is this bird?" Espio thought.

"And as a reward for being the hottest, the best, the most EXTREME racer of all time, I officially grant my most precious treasure, this Chaos Emerald, to...JET...THE HAWK!!!" Ohshima said. As he finished speaking, he took the Chaos Emerald out of his pocket, as Jet raised his fist to the air. Quickly, while being invisible, Espio moved right next to Jet. Ohshima was about to hand the Chaos Emerald to Jet. As soon as he streched his hand, Espio quickly jumped toward Ohshima's hand and stole the Emerald.

"What the?!" Jet said, seeing how the Emerald was floating in the air.

Just after that, Espio turned visible again.

"Wha...a thief!" Ohshima shouted.

"Hey there purple boy. You know, you have something that's mine. Now...HAND IT BACK!" Jet shouted.

"Hehe...not likely. I'm sorry, but I'm taking this Emerald. I'm sure I would use it better than you would" Espio said.

"What...you...give it BACK to me!" Jet shouted.

"Well... I'm off" Espio said, and started to run away.

"Oh no you're not!!" Jet shouted, put his goggles on, and followed Espio with his Board. Meanwhile, Ohshima was watching, calmed. He called a camera-man.

"Make sure to film this. Make sure to get the BEST angle. A live persecution featuring the hottest racer the planet has ever known, and some random unknown dude is gonna get me BILLIONS! These'll be the best ratings I've ever had! Now move it!" Ohshima said.

Jet kept following Espio. Jet got really close to Espio, and Espio turned invisible.

"Damn you!" Jet said. But he then noticed something...he could still see the Emerald. He used a Turbulence, and quickly got to the Emerald, and stole it from Espio's hand. He then got high in the air. Espio turned visible again.

"The Emerald's mine, slowpoke! Catcha...around!" Jet said with a mischief tone, and flew away.

"Son of a..." Espio said, but he got interrupted by a camera-man.

"Hey, hello my friend. Now tell us, Live TokyoV channel, what does it feel to have such a great treasure as the Chaos Emerald, and then lose it?" The man said...
Meanwhile, on the Ice Cap...

Espio knocked the door of what seemed to be a huge workshop. There, a well-known by everyone two-tailed fox, Tails, welcomed him.

"Espio! What are you doing here?" Tails asked.

"Tails, pal!...I need a favor" Espio said.

"Sure...what can I do for you?" Tails asked.

"I knew I could count on you, pal. I need you to let me borrow any of your...planes...or something that flies" Espio said.

"Um...since when do you know how to fly?" Tails asked.

"Ah, don't worry. I can handle it" Espio said.

"Okay, I suppose I can lend you the Tornado II. Because, well, I...won't...be...needing it anymore" Tails said, and a tear came out of his eye.

"Uh...are you okay, Tails?" Espio asked.

"No, I'm not okay. Ever since Sonic died, I couldn't keep living. I just feel like I'm also dead, and sometimes I even want to be dead, to be there...with him" Tails said, with a sad voice.

"Sonic died?! Heh, I missed a chapter, I guess" Espio said.

"Yeah, he did. A robot shot him, and since his gun was powered by the Master Emerald, it killed him. But I don't wanna talk about it...you can take the Tornado...just, be kind enough to get it back" Tails said.

"Of course I will. Thanks again, Tails" Espio said, and flew away with the Tornado.
Jet was flying over a desert-like area with his Board.

"Let's see...according to this thing...the next Emerald is...on the inside of...a VOLCANO?! Man, why do these little thingies have to be on such dangerous places? Oh well, I still gotta get it. So, no time to lose, LET'S MOVE!" Jet said, and accelerated.
Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you.

"Hello, Jet, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Type-J Board equipped, and have nothing unequipped. You can acquire new Boards with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Boards" Omochao says.

Windy Dash - 200 rings.
Emerald Stomp - 350 rings.
Green Tornado - 450 rings.
Extreme Feather - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 200 or more rings during the previous stage(it had 200 rings)you will be able to buy the Windy Dash. If not, you'll have to collect more rings on this one, or go to the Stage Select mode to gather more. If you gathered 200 rings, you should buy the Windy Dash.

"You have selected the Windy Dash. Do you want to buy this Board?" Omochao says.

Accept, and Omochao will give the Board. Jet will equip it to his feet.

"You have just acquired the Windy Dash. Your current Board, the Type-J, is a standard Board that is rather good at every aspect, but isn't very good at any. The Windy Dash focuses on speed. It's one of the fastest Boards you can find! But, on the other hand, it isn't that good at steering, and it isn't very strong either. It will be useful to get ahead of other Boards, or to get through stuff that makes you go slower, such as strong winds. Remember, you can press the Z Button to scroll between your Boards anytime you want! That's all!" Omochao says.

Since there's not anything else you can buy, move on to the next stage...
Stage 9: Tornado Twist(player: Jet)
Total number of rings: 200

This stage takes place on the skies over a huge desert, pretty much like the one from the Bonus Stages of this game's prequel. Remember Babylon's last cutscene on Sonic Riders, where Sonic and Jet fly over a desert at sunset? That's pretty much how the stage looks like, but the desert is more detailed, with pyramids and such.

This is Jet's first "real" stage, meaning it's not a race, but just a race where you have to get to the Goal Ring by flying over the gigantic desert with your Board. Even if the draw distance is huge, the path is pretty straight-forwarded, meaning there are "invisible walls" on a point. It's like a set path, where you can steer, boost, brake, jump, and perform tricks when you find ramps.

On this first section, there will be flying EggDrones shooting you and dashing at you, so avoid them by steering to the side or jumping over them. There will also be ramps for you to perform tricks. For this first section, you should use the Type-J, because it's better at steering than the Windy Dash, and you'll have to steer rather than be fast here.

Later on, the stage will get more difficult. Not only the ammount of EggDrones will increase, but you'll also face other obstacles. You will face strong winds that will take you far behind, or to the sides(you should try switching to the Windy Dash to make this part easier), you'll also get inside "wind tracks" where the path will get tigther, and you'll have to make a good use of your steering abbilities(Type-J is recommended) to get through this section.

On a certain part, Jet will get caugth on the inside of a huge Tornado. This is a pretty tough part of the stage, because since the Tornado spins so quickly, you'll not have a very accurate control of your movements. The stage looks exactly like oustisde the Tornado, but you see like a "spinning windy wall". There, you will have to be very concentrated, due to the fact that you'll not be able to control yourself accuaretly, as stated above, because you're inside a fast-spinning Torando. You'll have to avoid EggDrones inside it, and get through faster-than-the-others winds. After some time, you will be able to get out of the Tornado.

After the Tornado, there is a section with lots of ramps, for you to have fun performing tricks after the Tornado section. There will also be some enemies, but it shouldn't be tough to get through them.

After this section, you will reach the Goal Ring near the Volcano.

Jet says "Alright!", takes off his goggles, and stears his Board as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Jet stopped his Board, and removed his goggles.

"Ah, that wasn't that tough! Now to get that Emerald!" Jet said.

"Not so fast, bird" A voice said from behind Jet. He turned around, and he saw a big blue plane, with Espio on it.

"You again?! Didn't I tell you to give up?" Jet said.

"Hmph, and you think I'll listen? Now, since you resist to surrender, let's fight for the Emerald" Espio said.

"Time to kick some Ninjitsued butt!" Jet said.
Boss: Espio w/Tornado II(player: Jet)

This battle takes place on a "rounded" part of the heights over the desert. Invisible walls determine the battle place's perimeter.

The Type-J is definetly the best Board to use for the whole battle, since you'll need to steer to avoid Espio's attacks, and, being fast will not be needed for this battle.

Espio will roam at you, fire machine guns, a big plasma laser(that will take some time to charge up), and a continuos laser beam. When he roams at you, steer to the side or jump over Jet. To avoid the machine guns, steer to the side until he stops firing. To avoid the plasma laser, you should get far away from him as he starts charging up, because if not you'll not be able to avoid it. And finally, to avoid the laser beam, steer to the side by using a Turbulence, because if not the laser will reach you.

Since Jet has no attacking techniques, you'll have to use any of Espio's attack against him. And that attack is the laser beam. When he fires the laser beam, steer to the side, and quickly speed toward Espio, and jump over him. Espio will follow you with the laser, unintentionally hitting himself, due to the fact that you're over him.

That's about it. Repeat this process until you deplete Espio's life gauge, and destroy the Tornado II.

Jet says "Victory is MINE!", takes off his goggles, and steers his Board as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Since you destroyed the Tornado II, Espio will fall to the huge desert.

"You'll pay for this!" Espio shouted as he was falling to the desert.

"Yeah...whatever!...Bye-bye!" Jet said, and put on his goggles again.

"Now, let's head to that volcano!" He said, and headed toward the Volcano


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