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Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you.

"Hello, Espio, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Shuriken equipped, and have nothing unequipped. You can acquire new Steal Itemswith your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Items" Omochao says.


Tranquilizer Dart - 100 rings.
Smoke Bomb - 200 rings.
Poisoned Stake - 300 rings.
Ninja Sword - 1000 rings.

Right now you can't buy any new Power. So just quit and move on to the stage...
Stage 4: Manoir Ennui(player: Espio)
Total number of rings: 150

The first part of the stage takes place outside the mansion. The mansion's doors are locked, so you have to enter through another way. Run around the mansion, and you'll see some broken water tubes coming out of the wall. Jump on the first of these ones to grab on it, and climb across the others. Jumping from the last of these will take you to a window's ledge. Quickly press R or L to stick to it, and strafe around it, until you see another window above, and jump to it, and so on(luckily, the windows are closed). When you reach the last of these windows, you will see someone opening the window slowly. Quickly, turn invisible, and stay there. It's Riverí himself. He'll walk around this room, and then leave. Once he leaves, jump off the window, and throw a Shuriken(B Button) to the window to open it. Push forward on the Control Stick to go through the window and enter the mansion.

Riverí's mansion consists of several rooms, each of them with four or five guards. To get past of most of the guards, you'll have to turn invisible, so they don't see you. If any of the guards spots you, you'll lose, and restart from the last checkpoint. When you turn invisible, a bar appears on the lower left corner of the screen. This gauge acts pretty much like Shadow's one. When you turn invisible, it will drop, and when it depletes, you'll turn visible again, and will have to wait until it recharges. When this happens, you'll have to run past the guards without them noticing. You can't attack one, because that will result in the others detecting you. To do this, you have to hide behind the stuff around the room, and when the guard isn't looking at your way, run quickly to another object, and then keep going until you reach the door. Don't worry about spot lights, cameras or lasers, because there will be none of these on Riverí's mansion. Just guards.

After some rooms, you'll reach a room with no doors. It seems like a dead end. Suddenly, you will hear a door opening. Quickly, hide under a table in the middle of the room. You will see Riverí entering the room. He's talking with his cell phone.

{In-Game Cutscene}

"I tell you, Ludwig. Having a Chaos Emerald in your own mansion is a plain dumb idea. Someone will come and STEAL it sometime! You have to take it somewhere else!" A voice said through the phone.

"Oh shut up my friend. You are just jealous of my success. Besides, Mon Manoir is super-defended. There isn't a thief out there who can infiltrate it" Riverí said(he has a strong french accent).

"Don't be so sure, Ludwig. There are some awesome infiltrators out there. If Pyramids have been infiltrated, why not some random mansion?"

"Oh oh oh, this isn't a "random mansion". This is Riverí's Manoir no one can infiltrate it... anyway, I have to go now. I have to take something from you-know-where" Riverí said and cut the call.

He lifted a carpet from the floor, and opened a door that was on the floor, that apparently leaded to some kind of cellar. He jumped down, and Espio quickly followed it.

Riverí appeared in a dark place. Espio appeared behind him, and quickly turned invisible. Ludwig turned a light on, and a big sculpture could be seen. It had Riverí's face, and the blue Chaos Emerald was his eye.

"The Chaos Emerald!" Espio murmured to himself.

"Huh? Who's there?" Riverí said, and started to look around.

"Surprise, Ludwig" Espio said, showing up.

"Wha... who are yourself? And where did you appear from?" Riverí asked, surprised.

"I am a chameleon... but will soon be your worst nightmare" Espio said.

"What the Enfer?!" Riverí shouted.

"The word you are looking for is "Hell", my friend. Now, don't be scared. I'm just here to take that... "treasure" of yours with me. Stay back, and no-one will be hurt" Espio said.

"Ahh, I'm afraid there will be someone hurt, my friend" Riverí said. He pressed a button on his knee, and four daggers were fired from behind Espio. Espio turned around, but it was too late. The daggers threw Espio toward the wall, and kept him trapped on the wall.

"Now, now, do not worry about your feet or arms. They can recover from some stupid knife. But your heart, on the other hand..." Riverí said.

The camera faced Riverí's face. He nailed the dagger on the wall where Espio was. The camera faced the wall... and there was no one there.

"Wha... how? You were here just a second ago!" Riverí said.

"It's a simple Ninja trick, slowpoke" Espio's voice said from behind Riverí.

He turned around, and saw Espio, holding a dagger. Riverí looked at his hand, and the dagger he was holding... wasn't there anymore.

"I see you want to see what I'm made of, boy!" Riverí said, and took out two old-looking pistols.

"Au revoir, Chameleon!" Riverí said.
Boss: Ludwig Riverí(player: Espio)

You fight this boss on the rounded cellar of the mansion. You can use Riverí's dagger in this battle. Press the B Button three times to do a swing-combo. You can't use the Shuriken, since it will now be unequipped.

Riverí will randomly fire rapid-bullets from his pistols, fire seeker daggers, or will call guards to help him. You can avoid the fire and the daggers by quickly running to the side, and can swing your dagger to destroy the guards.

If you try to attack Riverí, he'll block your attack by crossing his dual-pistols. Even if you turn invisible or if you attack him from behing, he'll still be able to block your attacks. So you'll have to find another way.

The key to defeating him is Ludwig's sculpture, which is around the fighting area. If you run toward it, you will notice you can climb it. Climb over to the sculpture's head, and from there, jump toward Riverí. The big jump you just performed should take you directly above Riverí's head. Press the B Button to execute a going-down spinning attack, allowing you will hit Riverí straight in the head with the dagger. This will damage him.

Repeat the process two more times and the battle will be over.

Espio says "You really need to learn to focus" and does a ninja pose as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Riverí was laying in the floor, almost dead.

"You... *cough cough* you little pest. God will curse you for messing with Ludwig *cough cough*... Riverí" Riverí said with a very weak voice.

"I'll get used to it. Now, if I may, I'll take that Chaos Emerald with me. Your dagger will also be useful, so I'll keep it" Espio said, and started climbing the sculpture.

"Wait.. no... please... not the Emerald... it was a gift from the president!" Riverí said.

"I know... but trust me, you won't be needing it anymore" Espio said. He was about to remove the Emerald, but Riverí stopped him.

"Wait... do you just walk inside an unknown person's house and... steal their most precious item?"

"We're even know" Espio said, removed the Chaos Emerald from the sculpture, and quickly jumped down. The sculpture collapsed, and fell over Riverí. Espio jumped toward the screen, and did a ninja pose on the now black background, and said what was written in purple letters under his feet(he also did a Ninja pose as he spoke):



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