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Now that you have completed the Main Story mode, you may replay some stages to gather the last item of everyone, the one that's worth 1000 rings:

Shadow's Chaos Control basically stops time for a limited time. That's about it. It seems simple, but it may come VERY handy, specially in the last stages. You can use it to get across the devils without complication in the last stage, or to avoid traps in the pyramid stage.

Fang's Apocaliptic Flail is a big spiked ball that's connected to the bar Fang grabs by a chain. Press the B Button to swing it, and press it three times to do a combo(Fang swings it, swings it to the opposite side, and ends slamming it down to the floor). It's VERY effective against all enemies, and has 100 ammo, which is a pretty good quanity

Espio's Ninja Sword is the most useful of all of the character's items. You can swing it with the B Button, and can do a total of four combos of three hits, by pressing the B Button three times while holding the Control Stick to any direction(each direction of the Control Stick creates a different three-hit combo). Not only that, but the enemies you kill with this sword will disappear, thus avoiding your detection.

And finally, Jet's Extreme Feather is basically a combination of all the other boards. It is extremely resistant, extremely fast and has an extreme manuarability. It's only problem is that it doesn't have any attacks. Also, when using this board, the tricks are performed much quicker, letting you do lots of new tricks, and you can pull out OTHER tricks by pressing the B, A, X and Y Buttons.

Now that you have completed the Main Story, you may go to the Stage Select Mode. There, you'll have every Stage and Boss available to play. Here, you can just replay the stages just for fun, to gather rings, or complete the other four missions. The missions are:

Shadow the Hedgehog:
Mission 1: Get to the Goal Ring!(you have already completed this one on the Main Story) Mission 2: Collect all of the stage's rings!(the number varies depending on the stage)
Mission 3: Defeat 100 enemies!
Mission 4: Get to the Goal Ring before time runs out!(time varies depending on the stage)Mission 5: Clear Hard mode!(a harder version of the stage)

NOTE: Completing all of Shadow's stages and bosses with an A Rank unlocks Sonic as an optional playable character for Shadow's stages. Everything is the same, but he can't use Chaos Powers. Some parts are changed in order to be completed without Chaos Powers.

Fang the Sniper:
Mission 1: Get to the Goal Ring!(you have already completed this one on the Main Story)
Mission 2: Collect all of the stage's rings!(number varies depending on the stage)
Mission 3: Defeat all of the stage's enemies!(number varies depending on the stage - On the Death Zone stages, this mission is: Kill all the enemies without recharging ammo!(it is possible)
Mission 4: Clear the stage by using only one weapon!(weapon varies depending on the stage)
Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!(a harder version of the stage)
NOTE: Completing all of Fang's stage and boss missions with an A Rank unlocks Vectorman(From Vectorman) as an optional playable character for Fang's missions. He plays the same as Fang.

Espio the Chameleon
Mission 1: Get to the Goal Ring!(you have already completed this one on the Main Story)
Mission 2: Collect all of the stage's rings!(Number varies depending on the stage)
Mission 3: Get to the Goal Ring without turning invisible!
Mission 4: Get to the Goal Ring before time runs out!(time varies depending on the stage)
Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!(A harder version of the stage)
NOTE: Completing all of Espio's stage and boss missions with an A Rank unlocks Joe Musashi(Ninja from Shinobi) as an optional character for Espio's missions. It plays the same as Espio, only Rouge camouflages with the environment instead of turning invisible)

Jet the Hawk
Mission 1: Get to the Goal Ring!(you have already completed this one on the Main Story)
Mission 2: Collect all of the stage's rings!(number varies depending on the stage)
Mission 3: Complete the stage with "X" number of points!(number varies depending on the stage. To gather points you have to perform Tricks)
Mission 4: Get to the Goal Ring before time runs out!(time varies depending on the stage)
Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!(A harder version of the stage)
NOTE: Completing all of Jet's stage and boss missions with an A Rank unlocks NiGHTS(From NiGHTS Into Dreams) in a Board as an optional playable character for Jet's stages. He plays the same as Jet.

Bosses:(same for every character)

Mission 1: Defeat the Boss!(you have already completed this one on the Main Story)
Mission 2: Defeat the Boss while carrying at least 1 ring!(there are rings around the room, of course)
Mission 3: Defeat the Boss before time runs out!(time varies depending on the Boss)
Mission 4: Defeat the Boss without taking damage!
Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!(a harder version of the boss.
Completing everyone's stage and boss missions with an A Rank unlocks the Museum!

The Museum has some miscelaneous stuff for you to take a look.
Sound Test: You can listen to all of the game's music! This includes Stage tunes, boss tunes, character songs, main theme, jingles, cutscenes tunes, and and Mode Music(title screen, select mode, etcetera)
Image Gallery: The gallery has lots of pictures of every stage and boss and lots of pictures for every character of this game! This including playable and non-playable, and lots of pictures of every enemy in the game, including the EggDrones in all their forms shown in the game! Video Gallery: Here you can watch all of the cutscenes of this game!
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Preview: Shows a Preview for Sonic the Hedgehog 3!

Special Thanks:

Pretty much like last game's ones. This time, I don't have special mentions. As before, Oneironama's constructive criticism has helped me a lot, but I don't think I have a special Mention for her. But apart from that, I'd like to thank from the most deep part of my heart everyone who read this. Positive feedback is what an author loves the best, and I didn't have negative feedback, and that made me incredibly happy. I am unlimitedly thankful to everyone of you who read this. CrusherRod, Zelda, DarkMetallix, Sondow, Knors, Spidey(I guess), Rob-Bert(to a point, but still), Oneironama, and ultimate_life_form_2, and everyone else who supported me till the very end. I am endlessly thankful to you guys.
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Preview:

This is the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Preview that is available at the Museum. Here it is, for you guys to keep your hopes up!

A narrator speaks, as different clips appear:

"It's an evil metropolis"(this shows a quick look of a huge futuristic city). "A place of constant torment"(this shows an explotion destroying some buidlings) "Evil awaits around every corner..."(this shows a group of robots resembling the EggBots taking someone unseen prisoner) "And only one hero, can enter this city, and come back to tell the story!"(this shows a picture of Sonic).

"SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3: RETRIBUTION!" The narrator says, as the title appears.

"It's a new world...or is it?" The narrator says, and after that, Sonic says:

"Did you say this is Mobius?"

"Old allies...or are they?" The narrator says, and after that, Bean says:

"Sadly, I'm designing bombs to help out the planet destruction effort". Then, Bark says:

"Yeah, I'm in charge of the jails. Every new interuder comes through MY HANDS!" And finally, Honey says:

"Like, I'm in charge of the execution of the baddies. Heeheeheehee, it's a hobby!

"Nobody knows for sure, but one thing is certain: If there's anything to solve, the only one who can solve it is the well-known BLUE hedgehog!" The narrator says, and after that, Sonic says:


After this, a tune starts playing as different clips of Sonic running through different places appear. After a long time of this, the title for the game appears again, as the narrator says:

"SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3: RETRIBUTION!...The Epic Trilogy concludes!" After that, Sonic appears full of scars, cuts, and blood in his body, and blood is coming out from both of his eyes. Then, Sonic says, in a weak voice:

"When I'm done with these corrupt robots, nobody's even gonna remember who they were!" Then, the clips end, and the narrator speaks:

"Coming to IGN Boards on October 2006!"

Friday, September 15, 2006

Meanwhile, back at Horus-Qaa's pyramid...

Jet rejoined with Sonic and Espio.

"I made it, Sonic! I cought up with that guy! He's right-" Jet said, and looked behind him, but there was no one there.

"Hey, he was here just a second ago!" Jet said.

A few seconds after, Rouge and Fang came to the room.

"It's Sonic!!" Rouge said.

"And...the green mate!" Fang said.

"And Espio!" Rouge said.

"What is everyone doin' here?" Fang asked.

"No time to explain, right now we're looking for Horus-Qaa, and I thin-"Sonic said, but he got interrupted by a noise and came from the ceiling:


"What was that?" Jet asked.

"It's him, Horus!" Espio said.

After that, Horus appeared from the ceiling.

"HmmHmm, I say you guys have had enough time to debate my current location, am I right? Now, Sonic, my son...the time has come! You WILL go down!" Horus said.

"Not this time!!" Sonic shouted.

"Thank you for opening the path of life and death, Sonic. That's the last place you'll see!" Horus said, and he closed his eyes, and put his arms up. After a few seconds, all seven Chaos Emeralds came to him and started to spin around him. The coffin opened, and a bright light came out of it.

"Wha...the seven Chaos Emeralds!" Rouge shouted. Horus pointed at Sonic with his hand, and lifted him.


"Now, Sonic, you will die in the hands of your DELIGHTFUL!" Horus said, and he threw Sonic to the path.

"SONIC!!!" Everyone shouted.

"See ya, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! Muahahahaaaa!" Horus said, and he also entered the path.
Inside the portal...

The place looked like a closed-in tunnel full of lights of diferent colors, that was spinning at an incredible speed. The path was pretty narrow. It looked like a bottle from the inside, only it was spinning very fast, and the walls were full of colors.

Horus entered the place, and saw Sonic about to fall to the "floor". He was unconscious.

"Hahaha, you don't have much time, Sonic" Horus whispered. Suddenly, the seven Chaos Emeralds got off from Horus and they reached Sonic. They lifted him.

"WHAT THE...?!" Horus shouted. Sonic slowly acquired a "standed up" position(they were both hovering in the path). And suddenly, he angrily opened his green, emerald eyes.

"Didn't have that one planned, eh grandpa?" Sonic said.

"How dare you talk to me like that, Sonic the hedgehog!!? You won't survive this round, and when you die, you won't have another friend to save you!!" Horus said, really angrily.

"Shadow died as a hero. And I will avenge his death, and save this planet, by destroying you!!" Sonic said.

"Really? How?! You can't match wits with the likes of ME!!" Horus shouted.

"You know, considering you come from my family, and that you're my ancester, there's one thing you should know: DO NOT MESS WITH SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!" Sonic said, as the emeralds started spinning quicker and quicker around him. Suddenly, they stopped spinning, and disappeared, as Sonic turned into Super Sonic.

"What's this?!" Horus said.

"Oh, it's just another one of my tricks. Still think I'm no match for you?" Super Sonic said.

"Hehehe, let's see what you got" Horus said, and got away really quickly.

"It's now or never, and now it's everything or nothing...LET'S DO IT!!!" Super Sonic said, as he flew after Horus.
Last Stage: Epic Chase(player: Super Sonic)
Total number of rings: 300

This stage takes place in the path of life and death. It looks like it's mentioned above.

Super Sonic flies and accelerates alone(like Jet on his board), and you can use the Control Stick to steer him to any direction. The A Button allows you to jump(you can also do the Homing Attack and the Light Attack), and the B Button allows you to do a boost to speed up for a limited time. Those are his controls.

Horus will be flying ahead of you, and you'll have to catch up him. The "walls" of the path will fire electric beams, that will suck you up to the walls and you'll die if they touch you, and Horus will fire plasma energy balls, that will make you lose your momentum, and thus, making you fall to the walls or floor of the tunnel. As you may have noticed, if you touch the walls, floor, or ceiling of the tunnel, they'll suck you in and you'll die.

Since you're Super Sonic, you'll be invincible. And when before the enemy attacks made you lose time, now they'll make you lose momentum or balance, making you fall to the tunnel's walls. Also, since you're Super Sonic, you'll start with 50 rings, and will slowly lose them as time passes. So, you'll have to collect rings from the path. There will be lines of 5 rings scattered all across the tunnel, but be careful, because the rings are not infinite. There are 300 rings in all in the stage, and if you collect all 300 rings, you'll not be able to collect more, so be careful with this. Always try to reach 50 rings and stay in that number, for you to have rings available until the end of the stage.

As you progress, the walls will close in more and more, thus making the stage more difficult. And this means, they'll throw electric beams at you more often. These are the only attacks the tunnel will provide, but Horus himself will randomly throw three different attacks at you. He'll throw many plasma energy balls, one after the other, at you, he'll throw continous laser beams, and finally, he'll throw a bomb at you that, if it hits you, it'll throw you to the walls(but don't worry, it's not very hard to avoid, although when many attacks fire at you at the same time, the thing may get tougher). I know this stage seems very difficult at first, but it isn't THAT difficult. Well, it IS pretty damn difficult, but it's the last stage, it has to provide some challenge.

Anyway, to win the stage you'll have to catch up with Horus. The stage is not "timed", but in a way it is, because the walls close in as you progress, and if they finish closing in, they'll suck you in them, and you'll lose. Just make sure to avoid as much attacks as possible and use your boosts and you should be able to catch up with him.

Super Sonic starts flying next to Horus, as both look at each other deeply as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Super Sonic and Horus stopped remained still.

"Ah, I see you're more of a challenge than I expected" Horus said.

"I'm not a challenge Horus, I'm your WORST nightmare!" Super Sonic shouted.

"Hmph, so, you know what I like to do with nightmares? I like to TRAP them in a portal FOREVER! And that's exactly what I'm going to do with you!" Horus said.

"You wish, Pharaoh!" Super Sonic said.

"Actually, it's not just a wish. You see that? *Horus pointed at a white door very close to them* That's the door to DEATH! That's right son, we're at the end of the path. Now I'll show you ALL of my powers, no holding back. The winner takes it all. Be careful, Sonic, if you lose this one, your life will be OVER!" Horus said.

"My life will not be over, Horus. The Earth needs me. Mobius needs me. I won't let them down, Horus. This is my destiny. And to do your best to help this planet was your destiny aswell, but you betrayed it. That's not forgivable. You'll go down!" Super Sonic said.

"HmmHmm, I like your attitude. It's settled then. LET'S PLAY!" Horus said. Super Sonic frowned.
Last Boss: Horus-Qaa the Hedgehog(player: Super Sonic)

This fight takes place on the same tunnel the stage took place in, but you're not advancing, you're standing still, and you can move in any direction with the Control Stick(it's the same as controlling Sonic, but you fly instead of run).

Horus flies around the automatically set fight area, firing plasma machine-gun like shots, plasma energy balls, plasma seeker missiles, plasma bombs that detonate creating a huge explotion range, continuous plasma energy beams, and finally, he strikes at you, and if he reaches you, he'll take out rings from you. Just move to any direction that suits the situation to avoid the attacks he fires, fly away from the explotion-range to avoid the bomb, and keep flying to a side to avoid the continous beams.

Since Super Sonic has no attacks that affect Horus-Qaa, the only way to damage him is to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds, even if that means sacrificing your Super powers, and thus, sacrificing yourself.

What you have to do is use a Light Attack against the plasma energy balls he fires, and that will start filling up a gauge. Once it completely fills up, a hint message will tell you to press the Z Button. Press it, and Sonic will fire an energy beam of the color of one emerald to Horus. This will damage him.

That's about it. You have to do this six times, meaning you'll have to sacrifice all of your power, but the least bit, one Emerald. You'll notice that as you fire the emerald beams, your skin color will progresively grow less and less bright, and you'll find it harder and harder to fly and move.

When you fire four emeralds, your spikes will turn normal again(like Sonic's spikes, the ones turned down), and when you fire five emeralds, your eyes will turn green again. When you fire your sixth emerald at him, your skin will start blinking to blue for an instance before going golden again. (meaning Sonic can't hold his transformation much longer). But, Horus' life gauge will be depleted.

Super Sonic puts his right thomb up(here you can see how his skin blinks changes back and forth, his yellow color is really weak(it's almost disappearing, that's why it changes back to blue), Sonic has his normal spikes, and green eyes), as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Horus and Sonic were both VERY weak. They were breathing quickly. Sonic's skin was still blinking from yellow to blue, from blue to yellow.

"See? *cough* you will never succeed, Horus" Sonic said.

"Oh, I *coughh* think I will, Sonic...PLY TIME IS OVER!!" Horus shouted, and used his last energies to lift Super Sonic, and throw him at the white door end of the path.

"HAHAHAHAAAAAA" Horus laughed.

Sonic was about to get through the door, but he standed still.

"It is done, Sonic! You'll not make it this time! The Earth will be mine, and the Hedgehog Empire will rise again!" Horus said.

"" Sonic said. Sonic used his last energies to dash over to Horus, and grab him by the neck. He was now in a color between yellow and blue, a yellowy green.

"I think you're the one who's *cough* going down, Horus" Sonic said.

"Wha..wait...this is IMPOSSIBLE! You can't do this!" Horus shouted.

"You think so? Let me show you one thing or two" Sonic said, and Horus quickly replied back.

"WAIT! You CAN'T do this! You CAN'T kill me! That'd leave the path open forever! Can you imagine how many lives you'd kill?!"

"I'm not buyin' it, Horus. You think I haven't *cough* realized? Hm, I come from your dinasty, that means, I AM smart, right? You LIED to all of us!!"


"Oh yes, yes it is. This path was not open because I was alive, this path was open because YOU opened it! All you wanted to do is kill me to raise your succesful empire again, and rule the world under your corrupt commands!!" Sonic said.

"O...kay. I guess you ARE smart, after all. But still, I would not be so sure. Killing me is not a smart decision! Will you kill your ancester? The header of your OWN dinasty? You wouldn't exist WITHOUT ME!!" Horus shouted.

"Someone from the Hedgehog Dinasty can't be fooled that easily, you should know that. You know, after all those years of commanding the Empire, there's another thing you should know:

DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR OWN DESTINY!!!!!" Sonic shouted, and he used the last Emerald's energy to throw Horus through the white wall.

"SOOOOOOOOOOONIC THE HEEEEEEEEEEEDGEHOOOOOOOG!!!" Horus shouted as he got across the white door, and the door closed, and disappeared.

Sonic, without Emeralds, was slowly turning blue again.

"I gotta get outta here before I lose my super form!!" Sonic shouted, and started to fly away...
With this, the credits roll. The credits show a picture of every stage, boss, and cutscene. And at the end, there's a picture of Sonic with his right thumb up, and Sonic saying: "Congratulations, you have completed Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Redemption!" can be heard. After the credits, there is another cutscene.
Sonic(in his normal form again) came out from the coffin, and the coffin exploded.

"SOOOOONIC!!!" Tails and Amy said, who just arrived.

"Hey there Tails!" Sonic said. Amy huged Sonic.

"Oh Sonic, I'm so glad you're okay! I was so worried!" Amy said.

"Heh, hey Amy. I was also worried, trust me on that" Sonic said.

"So I guess Horus is dead now, huh?" Jet said.

"Yep, and as you can see, the coffin exploded, meaning the path of life and death has been sealed...forever. Horus, and everyone else, will now remain dead until the end of our days" Sonic said.

"Nicely done, Sonic. I guess you have some skills!" Fang said.

"Yeah...but I would have never acomplished this without Shadow, who heroically sacrificed his life to help me. I, and everyone, owe our lives to him. He is a TRUE hero" Sonic said. Everyone looked down, sad.

"Sonic..." Tails said.

"What's up?" Sonic said.

"I'm afraid the battle's not over...Espio informed me on the Mobius thing, and I did some research, and it seems the EggBots are completely overruning the planet. We...should go save it" Tails said.

"Yeah, I know. Espio told me about it. If there's one thing I know, is that I'll go save my home world. No thinking about it!" Sonic said.

"Cool. And as you can see, I brought up my spacecraft with me. I already have the coordinates. We can use it to travel to Mobius!" Tails said.

"Awesome thinking, Tails. You guys coming?" Sonic said.

"Of course!!" Amy replied.

"Naw, I got all I need right here, baby" Fang said, looking at Rouge. Rouge blushed. "Hehe"

"Should we get going, baby?" Fang said.

"Sure...thanks for everything, Sonic. And good luck!" Rouge said.

"Yeah, that's right!" Fang said.

"Thanks guys" Sonic said.

As Fang and Rouge were leaving, Fang said: "Just remember, you may wanna shave some parts, me on that". Rouge laughed, and friendly hit him.

"What about you, Espio? Jet?" Sonic said.

"Well, after what you have done, I think you can handle some puny robots. I gotta catch up with the wind!!" Jet said, and flew away.

Sonic looked at Espio.

"You guys should go without me. Trust me, you may find assistance there" Espio said, and walked away.

" set, Tails?" Sonic asked Tails, who was inside the big spacecraft.

"I got it! Coordinates set to MOBIUS!" Tails said.

"Awesome. So...LET'S MOOOOVE!!" Sonic said, as everyone got inside the craft, which flew away to the skies at an incredible speed.
The camera faced the spacecraft flying across space, and then, it zoomed out, showing another smaller spacecraft flying slowly behind Sonic's craft...


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Meanwhile, in an unkown location...

Shadow was standing in a rock, and his surroundings were infested with devils, lava, melted rocks, broken buildings, dead bodies, fire walls, lava rivers, and rock paths.

"Where am I..." Shadow wondered. Suddenly, he heard the God's voice.

"This is Osh speaking. You are in Hell right now, Shadow. Because of all the crimes you have comitted. You must pass the tests here. The tests are simple to understand, but difficult to excecute. You must get from here to the Main Battle Room, and thus, getting across all the obstacles Hell provides. Once that's completed, well, if it ever gets will have your Final Trial, where you will face me in an ultimate duel. According to your performance throughout the tests, we will decide the place where you'll stay for eternity. Is this clear?" Osh said.

"I guess-" Shadow said, but he got interrupted.

"Right. Nothing to lose your life over, *chuckles*, right?" Osh says.
===You will not be able to access the Black Market in this stage===
Stage 17: Inferno Hardship(player: Shadow)
Total number of rings: 300

This stage takes place on a Hellish-like place(well, you're actually IN Hell), with the stuff mentioned above. You are in a melted-lava place(thus, rocky like) with lava rivers surrounding you, and in the sides of the rivers, walls with fired-sections, and over you, a night-sky.

This stage plays like any other Shadow stage, only much tougher. The stage is a straight-forwarded path in the middle of the lava, with dash pannels, rings, loops, springs, gaps with Triangle Jumps/Dashes, springs, big jumps, gaps for you to use your Chaos Flight, or gaps with flying devils to home attack on. You'll have to use these to get through broken sections of the path.

This may sound like any typical stage, but it isn't. It's far from a typical stage. Mainly because there are a LOT of obstacles. More than the last Shadow stage. The lava river surrounding you will spit lava balls to the path, breaking it, and if they hit you, they'll kill you. Just pay attention to the path and whenever you see a lava ball spitting from it, just charge a Spin Dash and dash away. These will be very frequent throughout the path.

Fire balls will also fall from the sky. These are not that frequent, but you'll still have to watch out for them. If these hit you, you won't die, but you'll lose all your rings. To avoid them, just move away from the balls' shadows.

Another very difficult thing of the stage is that the path is full of devils. They aren't EggDrones, they're devils. Meaning they're much stronger. Since they are covered in fire, homing attacks won't be effective against them. So you'll have to use your Chaos Powers against them. The ones that are placed across the path are not mandatory to destroy, but since they are a lot, they fire a lot, and their attacks are very strong(they may even throw you to the lava river), you may have to take care of some. One strategy is to use the Chaos Shield to just ran away from them, but their constant shots may deplete your Shield, and since your life gauge is depleted, they'll leave you defenseless. Another option, and the most recommendale, but yet the most long one, is to use the Chaos Earthquake to paralyze them, and thus, depleting their fire shields. This will let you use Homing Attacks to destroy them. The third option is to just fire Chaos Spears as you go to bring down enemies in your path. Use the one that best fits the situation in your opinion.

Throughout the paths, you'll find a couple of rounded areas with rocky walls and lots of devils coming to attack you. These ones are mandatory to destroy, in order to advance. Use the tactics mentioned before to get through these sections.

Once you get through all the stage, you will reach the Main Battle Room, with the Goal Ring in it's entrance.

Shadow says "Hmph!" and crosses his arms as the points accumulate and your rank is given
Shadow slowly walked toward the center of the Room. After a few minutes, Osh spoke:

"Good work, Shadow. You have passed the tests. is the time for your FINAL...TRIAL!" Osh said, and he appeared in the room. He was a ghostly, black figure with red eyes, and two staffs.

"Welcome, Shadow. Your Final Trial will unfold in a few seconds. The Final Trial is quite simple. You will face me in a duel, and according to your performance, the place where you'll stay for the rest of eternity will be decided. Are you ready?" Osh asked.

"I'm dead, what do you think?" Shadow said.

"Okay then...let's do it!" Osh said.
Boss: Osh(player: Shadow)

This boss takes place on the rounded Main Battle Room, surrounded by the lava river. He'll be hovering, thus being unreachable to first.

At first, Osh will be constantly firing fire balls with his staffs. You can easily avoid these by jumping to the side. If three balls hit the same section, that section will brake(Osh, thinking smartly, will fire his balls to the same direction he fired before after firing to some other directions, instead of always firing at where you are). If he brakes a section of the room, the fight will get much tougher, because you will have to be careful not to fall to the river through the borken sections.

Other of his attacks include bombs that create waves in the floor or in the air(you'll have to coordinate between jumping and staying in the floor), sending clones of himself to the battlefield, firing machine gun-like shots with his staffs, lasers that follow you, and seeker missile-like shots.

You may think that the only way to damage him is to use your Chaos Spear, but guess what, your Chaos Powers won't damage him. But the key to defeating him is a Chaos Power, though: The Chaos Flight.

Use the Chaos Flight to fly over to Osh, and a "B Button" will appear on screen. Press it, and Shadow will jump onto Osh, and steal one of his staffs. This is where the real battle begins.

Now, the thing won't be that difficult. With the staff, just press the B Button to fire the same shots he fires to destroy the floor(you can't fire the rest). Just fire these at him and you'll damage him.

After a while, he'll use a "Force-like" power to attract the staff back to him again.

That's about it. You'll have to repeat this process three times to destroy him. The only difference is that his attacks will get more frequent as you deplete his life gauge.

Once you defeat him, Shadow says "Dead or Alive, I'm STILL the Ultimate life Form!" and crosses his arms as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Osh fell to the lava river, defeated, and then reapeared next to Shadow.

"You did *cough* well, Shadow. I haven't had a duel this hard in a long time" Osh said. Shadow smirked.

"As a reward, you will stay in Heaven for eternity. You have earned it. Only pure souls are able of defeating me. You have earned it" Osh said.

"I know. I" Shadow said.

"What do yo-"Osh said, and Shadow interrupted him.

"Never mind. I am here right now, and I am proud of it. I am proud that...that guy who came here innocently is where he should be, and the real person who where he belongs" Shadow said.

"Hmph, right. You are a true hero, Shadow" Osh said.

"What do you mean?" Shadow said.

"You thought I hadn't noticed? For the love of myself, I am God, Shadow. I knew from the very beginning that Sonic actually died, and YOU were the one who travelled here by that coffin." Osh said.

"Wha...then why didn't you say anything?" Shadow asked.

"Because I understood your situation. I understood your decision, and agreed with it. Both of us know Sonic is needed alive more than anyone else, and this was the only way to bring him back to life. Without Sonic, the world wouldn't have a chance. You sacrificed himself for the sake of your world, Shadow. Your soul's pureness is priceless" Osh said.

"You're right, I guess. That's what I do. That's who I am" Shadow said.

"Come then, Shadow. You will be treated VERY nicely in Heaven. Youl will be treated like you deserve." Osh said.

Then, both Shadow and Osh slowly walked toward a portal, and they were teleported to Heaven.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Meanwhile, in the heart of the deep forest...

Fang was laid down on some woods, and Rouge was next to him, healing his hurt with some strange liquid. Fang's hurt was almost gone, but he still had some scars.

"Trust me tough guy, this medicine never fails. It comes from a healing weed, it can't fail. You'll feel better after some time" Rouge said.

"I am already feelin' better, ya know. But anyway...thanks...for...well, everything. If it wasn't for ya my body'd be toasted in a lava river" Fang said, and chuckled.

"Hehe, you don't have to thank me. It...was a pleasure" Rouge said, blushed.

The bat and the weasel kept looking at themselves. Rouge looked down, but Fang "pulled" Rouge's face up with his finger. They both closed his eyes, and started getting really close to each other. Their lips were about to touch, when they heard a familiar voice:

"What a romantic scene, I must say! How about turning up the heat a little bit down here, eh? Muahahaha!!"

Fang quickly stood up. Rouge remained sit. They saw how a big robotic wall enclosed a rounded area of the forest, and lots of EggDrones came up from the ground. Eggman appeared with his Egg mobile.

"Doc! You again?" Fang said.

"You thought I disappeared, right? Well I'm far from disappeared! EggDrones, take care of them!!" Eggman shouted.

"You stay here Rouge, it's dangerous. I'll take care of this" Fang said.

"But're still damaged. Will you be okay?" Rouge said, crying.

"Of course I will. I'll never leave you, I promise" Fang said.

"But...Fang..." Rouge said.

"*Sigh*...hey sweetheart, if I don't get to speak to you again, I just wanted to say..." Fang said, but he got interrupted by a shot that got next to him.

"Gah, there's no time. Just hide behind those trees, I'll do the rest!" Fang said, and ran away.

Rouge kept looking at Fang, and a couple of tears popped from her eyes.
Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you.

"Hello, Fang, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have your Revolver equipped, and your Dual-Machine guns unequipped. You can acquire new Weapons with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Guns." Omochao says.


Grenade Launcher - 450 rings.
Apocalyptic Flail - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 450 rings or more during the previous stages(you may have to go to the Stage Select mode and replay some to be able to gather this quantity) you will be able to buy the Grenade Launcher.

"You have selected the Grenade Launcher. Do you want to buy this Weapon?" Omochao says.

Accept, and Omochao will give you this gun. Fang will grab it, and cock it.

"You have just acquired the Grenade Launcher! This is one of the most powerful weapons out there! You can use this weapon to take out large group of strong enemies, and it is very effective against bosses! But remember, it only has 5 Ammo, so be sure to use it wisely! That's all!" Omochao says.

Since there's nothing else you can buy, quit and move on to the stage...
Stage 16: Death Zone Part II(player: Fang)
Total number of rings: 177

This stage plays exactly like "Death Zone Part I", but it's much tougher, much longer, and there are some differences.

In case you don't remember, this stage takes place on a rounded part created by the robotic walls. You don't move form that rounded place, and all you have to do is blow up the incoming waves of enemies. The rings will appear as time passes over the place, so grab them, but you should save some just in case the enemies get too strong.

This time, there will be twenty rounds instead of ten, and the EggDrones will be very strong. Throughout the first ten rounds, you will find small EggDrones, and as you progress, you will find mildly-strong Drones, and towards the tenth round, you will find really strong robots. For the first ones, you should use the Machine-Guns. For the mild ones, you should try the Missile Launcher, and for the strongest ones, use more Missile Launchers combined with Revolver shots, or if not, use the Grenade Launcher. As usual, it is VERY important to Strafe, so you can avoid enemy fire, and at the same time, fire your own shots.

After the tenth round concludes, a Rouge will send a Land Stalker to the battlefield. Get on it, and get ready to blow some major **** up.

Controls for Land Stalker:

Control Stick-Move.
R-L/C-Stick-Rotate Camera
A Button-Jump.
B Button-Fire machine-gun.
X Button-Dismount
Y Button-Homing laser beams. Hold and aim at enemies to set your targets, and release the X number of Lasers toward the designed enemies. Up to ten targets.
Z Button-Fire a plasma energy ball.

This vehicle is a four feet spider tank with that shoots a machine gun, a homing laser beam and a plasma energy ball. Use it to take out the incoming EggDrones throughout these other ten rounds. For the small ones, use the machine-gun. For the mild ones, use the homing laser beams(remember you can lock onto up to ten targets), and finally, for the strongest ones, use the plasma energy balls(remember you have to wait a while for the plasma energy ball launcher to charge up in order to fire another ball).

After you complete all twenty rounds, the stage will be over.

Fang says "No worries" and fires the machine guns of his Land Stalker as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Just as the battle ended, a gigantic EggDrone appeared on the battlefield.

"Think you can handle the big guys, bounty hunter? Muahahahahaaa!" Eggman said, and flew off.

"You won't be able to handle...the TRUE Mobians, weasel!" The EggDrone said.

"Hmph, we'll see about that, bling-boy!" Fang said.
Boss: EggDrone Decimus(player: Fang)

This battle takes place on the same rounded plac as the stage.

You fight this robot outside the Land Stalker. This robot is very fast on his feet, way faster than Fang is, so to avoid his strikes, use the side-Strafe jump.

The robot will also fire seeker missile launchers, plasma energy balls with a very wide range, laser beams, machine guns, will make clones of himself that attack you(don't shoot these, just avoid therm,, they will diappear after some time), and punches you.

For this boss, there is no stratey. You just have to shoot him until you deplete his life gauge. Use Missile Launcher, Sniper Rifle, and Grenade Launcher shots at first, and then finish it with Revolver and Dual Machine-Guns. He'll be CONSTANTLY attacking, though, so make sure to use Strafing to avoid his attacks and fire at the same time.

Keep shooting until you deplete his life gauge.

Fang says "Down and over with you!" and blows the smoke out of his Revolver as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fang jumped back as the robot exploded and the walls disappeared. Rouge ran over to Fang.

"Fang! Are you okay?" Rouge asked.

"Yeah, just made it. But that robot said something about the Mobians. home world. Again, somethin' fishy's goin' on around, and I bet the good ol' Doc has the answer" Fang said.

"Eggman just headed to the desert, to a Pyramid" Rouge said.

"Awesome, so let's catch up with him!" Fang said, and they ran to the desert.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you.

"Hello, Jet, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Emerald Stomp Board equipped, and have the Windy Dash unequipped. You can acquire new Boards with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Boards" Omochao says.


Green Tornado - 450 rings.
Extreme Feather - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 450 or more rings during the previous stages(you may have to replay some to gather this ammount)you will be able to buy the Green Tornado.

"You have selected the Emerald Stomp. Do you want to buy this Board?" Omochao says.

Accept, and Omochao will give the Board. Jet will equip it to his feet.

"You have just acquired the Green Tornado! This Board is one of the bests manuarabilitng Boards! This board can let you do a 360 degree spin turn by just holding right or left in the analog stick! You'll see avoiding obstacles or getting through tight tunnels will be a piece of cake with this Board! This Board also features a Tornado attack. Just perform a Turbulence, and while boosting, your board will spit out little Tornados ahead! Use this to take care of enemies. That's all!" Omochao says.

Since there's not anything else you can buy, move on to the next stage...
Stage 14: Sky Velocity(player: Jet)

NOTE: This stage's Background Music is a remake of Sonic Riders' Babylon Ending song "Catch Me If You Can"(the lyrics are the same, but the tune has a more techno feeling)

This stage takes place on the heights of the desert, but since you are so high, you can't see the desert, but just clouds under you, and above you, and next you. You are in the edge of space, so the clouds you see is the atmosphere.

You will see Horus flying ahead of you, and you will have to catch him. At first, Horus will just be flying ahead of you, so you should use your Windy Dash and use your Turbulence to gain some terrain. Don't get your hopes up, though, because if you get close to him, he'll boost ahead of you, so try to keep the right distance. A good way of reaching him fast is to perform tricks(there will be ramps along the way) and boost while in the air. This will take a while

After a while, he'll start firing laser balls at you. Here, switch to your Green Tornado board, because if not, the balls may get tough to avoid, since he'll fire quite a lot. In this part, just focus on avoiding the balls, do not focus on trying to reach Horus. This will take another while.

After this while, he'll start throwing debris such as pieces of buildings or giant rocks at you(he'll go down and pick them). Since these are so huge, you'll have to switch to your Emerald Stomp. You'll have to perform a Turbulence once you see the debris coming at you, so you have enough power to break them apart using the needles on the front part of your board. This will take another while.

After this section, a help-message will appear, saying "Now it's your chance to catch him!". At this part, he'll be firing laser balls again, but not many. So, you'll have to avoid them, but also speed up and try to catch him. To do this, switch to your beloved Type-J, and perform tricks and boost, while avoiding the balls.

By doing this, should be able to reach Horus. Once you reach him, Jet will grab Horus by the neck, and the stage will be over.

Jet says "Reach but never catch, eh?" and rubs his knuckles against Horus' head.
Jet kept on rubbing his knuckles.

"I can be doing this all day, you know? But I won't. You'll go back to the surface, and Sonic will destroy you!" Jet says.

"HmmHmmHmm...." Horus said, and teleported away from Jet.

"Oh, I see you have some tricks yet to show me!" Jet said, mischievously.

"Yes...a LOT!" Horus said.

"Then why don't you show them to me, eh? I'll be proud of disgracing your funny act!" Jet said.

"So be it, HAWK!" Horus said.
Boss: Horus-Qaa(player: Jet)

This place takes place on a rounded set part of the atmosphere.

Horus will be just flying around the place at high speed, firing laser beams, machine guns, and balls at you, and striking at you and punching you. At this first part, you should use your Green Tornado, to be able to avoid everything.

If you try to hit him with the needles of your Emerald Stomp, or with the Tornados of your Green Tornado, he'll just avoid them, so you'll have to find another way.

That "another way" are the tricks. You will see ramps on the "corners" of the rounded place. If you use them, you'll be busted to the center of the place. Wait until Horus is in the center, and perform a trick. You'll see you'll come across Horus, and Jet will grab Horus' neck. Now is your chance to attack. Quickly, push the Control Stick in any combination of directions to hit Horus with your board. After a while of this, he'll let off.

That's about it. Repeat this process three times to completely deplete Horus' life gauge.

Jet says "Nice try!" takes off his goggles, and steers his board as the points accumulate and your rank is given.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Meanwhile, in Egypt...

The camera was facing a giant pyramid in the middle of the deep sahara desert. At it's floor, the sun shined on a very bright yellow light. The camera quickly zoomed in, and that "light" was none other than Espio's deep, bright, yellow eye. With this, the screen changed to a black background, and this text was being written, in purple letters, and after it finished writing, Espio said what was written on the background, which was:


With this, the screen showed different pictures, and Espio was the narrator. Espio narrated the following, as different screens appeared:

This is Espio the Chameleon, excecuting operation "Mysterious Curses"(this sentence shows the red Chaos Emerald). Due to an unexpected incident, I ended up in the warm sands of the Sahara Desert.(this sentence shows a general view of the desert, full of pyramids)But, luckily for me, after a long walk, I came across a huge pyramid.(this sentence shows the outside of the pyramid he's standing in front of from different angles). After doing some research on this pyramid's walls, I realised this pyramid is none other than Horus-Qaa the Hedgehog's thomb.(this sentence shows some heroglyphic pictures, showing a golden, crowned hedgehog killing other hedgehogs). Horus-Qaa was the greatest Pharao Egypt ever had. He lived for 92 years, and his empire was the greatest of all time, and was the one that let Egypt take over other nations(this sentence shows the same hedgehog, but in person, taking out other people with his sword)What made Horus-Qaa so powerful, was the fact that he came from a double-crossed blood dinasty. As his name implies, "Horus-Qaa the Hedgehog" was a hedgehog, and the first one of them all, but as his other name implies, "Horus", meaning "Hawk", he also had the properties of Hawks. He was very fast, but also very wise and powerful, and could also fly.(this sentence shows a deep look of Horus, he was a golden hedgehog with purple eyes, furry feet and hands, spikes resembling Sonic's, and wings. You reader have seen this figure before)As the tradition says, the bigger the empire, the bigger the thomb, and the richer the jewels. This meaning, when a Pharao dies, depending on how his empire did, they'd build a bigger Pyramid to be his thomb, and would put more jewels on it's coffin. Since Horus-Qaa's empire was so succesful, his pyramid, is gigantic, full of traps, curses, and momificated guards(this sentence shows a quick look of the inside of the pyramid). And, also, since his empire was that powerful, the Egyptians decided to put the first Chaos Emerald ever found, the red one, on Horus-Qaa's thomb, along with his body(this sentence show's Horus' momificated body, with lots of jewerly around it, and, in the center, the red Chaos Emerald)My mission? Infiltrate Horus-Qaa's gigantic pyramid, reach it's top, and steal the Chaos Emerald from the coffin. My reward? The second, red Chaos Emerald(this sentence shows Espio entering the pyramid)
Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you."Hello, Espio, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Shuriken equipped, and have the Tranquilizer Dart unequipped. You can acquire new Stealth Items with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Items" Omochao says.

Smoke Bomb - 200 rings.
Poisoned Stake - 300 rings.
Ninja Sword - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 200 or more rings during the previous stages(you may have to replay some to be able to afford 200 rings) you will be able to buy the Smoke Bomb.

"You have selected the Smoke Bomb. Do you want to buy this Item?" Omochao says.

Accept, and Omochao will give you this Iten. Espio will grab it, and and put it in his belt. "

"You have just acquired the Smoke Bomb! This item will allow you to pass by guards, spotlights and lasers unnoticed! Just throw one of these at the floor, and all of the guards will not be able to see you, and the spotlights and lasers will get deflected due to the smoke! But be careful, though, since you only have three bombs to use for the entire stage, so use them wisely! That's all!" Omochao says.

Since there's nothing else you can do, quit and move on to the stage...
Stage 13: Cursed Intrigues(player: Espio)

This stage takes place on the inside of a pyramid. It looks pretty much like Shadow's stage, but it plays like the other Espio stages. The thing consists of several room, that you'll have to pass by unnoticed.

The first rooms of the stage will be small rooms, like you're used to see, with two or three momificated hedgehogs guarding. Just hide under stuff such as columns or other pillars to pass by them, or just throw a Tranquilizer Dart at them to asleep them. As you progress, the rooms will be the same, but with more momificated bodies, spotlights, and lasers, progresively. Don't use any Smoke Bombs here, you'll need them later. Just use Tranqulizer Darts on the guards(make sure they're not looking at you when throwing the darts, strike them from their back) turn invisible to avoid the lasers, and just use your best stealth skills to pass by the spotlights without them detecting you.

As you move on, the rooms will be the same, but instead of momificated bodies, they are now EggDrones. This will be more difficult, because they can see your invisibilty, Tranquilizer darts don't affect them, and they're smarter. Luckily for you, there will be more stuff for you to hide. Just hide under tables or behind pillars to pass by the EggDrones, spotlights, and lasers unnoticed. As you progress, these roms will get more difficult, meaning more guards, more spotlights and more lasers. When avoiding the lasers, remember you can't be invisible forever, so watch out for your Energy Guage.

Throughout the rooms, there will be three long straight-forwarded paths(kind of like Shadow's stages ones) full of spotlights, lasers, and EggDrones. To get past these, throw a Smoke Bomb, and run for your life so you get past the room before the smoke dissapears.

After one of these rooms, you'll reach the Goal Ring, in front of the Pyramid's top rounded room.

Espio says "Mission acomplished!" and does a Ninja pose as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Espio entered the rounded room, as a giant EggDrone with wings, two red eyes, four arms, needles on it's back, and rocket launchers on it's shoulders appeared.

"What are you doing here, intruder?!" The EggDrone asked.

"That is none of your concern. Just move out of my way" Espio said. He willed to keep walking, but the robot stopped him.

"You're here for the prophecy right? Well guess what, you'll not be able to get it! Us Mobians will get the prophecy, and with this, we will RULE MOBIUS!" The robot said.

" guys are from MOBIUS?!" Espio said, shocked.

"Yeah...that pathetic planet was once run by strange animalistic creatures like you, but when we arrived we destroyed that pathetic island, into a Metropolis habitated by the latest technology in the universe!!" The robot said.

" killed every wildlife that beautiful planet had...I WON'T FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!" Espio shouted, angrily, and did a Ninja pose.

" see, us Mobians would not need to come here, to this pityful planet, if it wasn't for the prophecy we need. And you're not taking it from us!" The robot said.

"And what is this "prophecy"you speak of?" Espio asked, with a calmed voice again.

"Nobody knows if this is true, but legend tells that this coffin, is actually a path between life and death. If this is true, then...IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITES!...Wait...why am I saying this to you? You'll go down!" The EggDrone shouted. Espio performed the Ninja pose again.
Boss: EggDrone Quartus(player: Espio)

This boss battle takes place in the rounded place of the pyramid.

The EggDrone is permanently flying. From the air, he fires seeker missiles(you'll have to run toward a wall, and jump, thus making the missile hit the wall to avoid them), he'll fire laser machine guns from his eyes, and will stretch his arms to the floor trying to grab you(you'll have to run to the side and jump to avoid this attack).

Since he's permanently flying, and Tranquilizer Darts are useless, you'll have to find a way to lower him. And that way are the Shurikens.

You'll have to turn on the 1st Person Aim view, and with this, throw Shurikens at it's wings. Three Shurikens will destroy one wing. Once you destroy both wings, the robot will fall. Once on the ground, just strike him with the dagger to lower his life gauge. After a while, he'll grow new wings, and the thing will start again.

That's about it. You have to repeat this process three times in order completely deplete the robot's life gauge.

Espio says "Down with you" and does a Ninja pose as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
Espio jumped back, as the robot exploded. He then proceeded to open the coffin. As he opened it, he saw nothing, but the red Chaos Emerald. He looked stranged, but he just grabbed the Chaos Emerald and started to leave. But soon after, he heard a loud noise, so he turned around.

He saw a bright light coming from the coffin, and out of it, the well-known blue hedgehog came out.

"..S-SONIC?!" Espio said, shocked. Sonic fell to the floor, unconscious. Espio grabbed him.

"Sonic...are you okay?" Espio said. Sonic then slowly opened his bright green eyes.

"...Yeah...just perfect..."He said, with a weakened voice, and with sarcasm. He then slowly stood up.

"Where am I...?" Sonic asked, looking around the place.

"You're inside a pyramid, in Egypt!" Espio said.

"Hey, that means...I'm alive!" Sonic said.

"Yes, you are. Tails told me you were dead. This is confusing" Espio said.

"Yeah, I was. *sigh* it's been a tough ride" Sonic said. Espio then remembered "the prophecy says this coffin is actually a path between life and death..."

"I...see..." Espio said.

"But why are you here?" Sonic asked.

"I was just fetching a Chaos Emerald. I was about to leave...but Sonic...I need you...all of us need you" Espio said.

"Heh, where have I heard that before? What's the problem now?" Sonic asked.

"It's much bigger than the others you've''s Mobius" Espio said, and just after, they heard a loud noise, and the golden hedgehog appeared.

"Who are you?" Sonic asked.

"Ah, I see you've made it back to life safely, Sonic the Hedgehog!" The hedgehog said. Sonic frowned.

"You are....Horus...Horus-Qaa the Hedgehog!" Espio said, shocked.

"Wise thinking, chameleon. I indeed, am Horus-Qaa the Hedgehog, that Pharao. And, unfortunately, I'm here to take Sonic back to Hell!!" He said.

"No way!!" Sonic said.

"But...why? You are supposed to be a good person!" Espio said.

"I am, I am. But I also have my priorities. The last descendent of the Hedgehog Dinasty can't be alive!" Horus said.

"Does that mean...I come from your family?" Sonic asked.

"Indeed, you do. I am your oldest grandfather. And guess what? You are the last descendent of the dinasty. And, as the prophecy says, if the last descendent of the Hedgehog Dinasty is alive, the path between life and death will never be sealed! The only way to seal it forever is sending the last descendant to the other world!" Horus said. Sonic frowned.

"I will not die again. Mark that one, grandpa!" Sonic said.

"You see, at first, I thought my descendant was that Shadow the Hedgehog guy, that's why I've been "sending" dreams of the death of a hedgehog to him, for him to be scared of the Final Trial!" Horus said.

"Those sent them?!" Sonic said.

"That's right. But then I true descendant was not him. It was you. Becase, when that robot killed you, the path to the other side had finally been closed! But now that you're's open again!" Horus said.

"You''re insane!" Espio said.

"Now that you've had your proper explanation, you will go down, son!" Horus said.

"I'm ready whenever you are!" Sonic said, angry.

"I will not kill you right now, though. I will wait for the right time, the right place. We will meet again, hero!" Horus said, and flew away.

"We have to stop him! That guy's dangerous!" Espio said.

" I can't fly!" Sonic said.

"But I do!" A familiar voice said. Sonic and Espio turned around.

"Jet!" Sonic said.

"Hey Sonic! Long time no see...I see you were talking about catching up with some flying guy? Well, I'm here!" Jet said.

"Okay...see that guy over there? *points at sky, at the distant figure* It would be very kind of you to track him down!" Sonic said.

"Ah, sounds easy. So, I see, I will finally prove you who is the fastest around this planet, huh?" Jet said.

"If you can catch him, you'll definetly prove something!" Sonic said, and winked.

"Then it's settled!" Jet said, and put on his goggles. He threw his board, and jumped on it.

"SKYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!" Jet said, as he flew away toward Horus.

Both Espio and Sonic kept looking up. Espio looked at Sonic. Sonic looked at Espio, and put his right thumb up.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Meanwhile, inside a volcano...
Before the stage, you will enter the Black Market. There, Omochao will welcome you."Hello, Jet, and welcome to the Black Market. I can see you have the Type-J Board equipped, and have the Windy Dash unequipped. You can acquire new Boards with your rings. Here, let me show you the available list of acquirable Boards" Omochao says.

Emerald Stomp - 350 rings.
Green Tornado - 450 rings.
Extreme Feather - 1000 rings.

If you have collected 300 or more rings during the previous stages(you may have to replay some to gather this ammount)you will be able to buy the Emerald Stomp. If not, you'll have to collect more rings on this one, or go to the Stage Select mode to gather more. If you gathered 200 rings, you should buy the Emerald Stomp.

"You have selected the Emerald Stomp. Do you want to buy this Board?" Omochao says.

Accept, and Omochao will give the Board. Jet will equip it to his feet.

"You have just acquired the Emerald Stomp. This is one of the strongest Boards you will ever find! It is much more resistant than the other boards you have, and the needles on it's front and back will be useful for taking out enemies. But, this board is also one of the slowest boards out there. Remember, you can always press the Z Button to scroll between your Boards. Make sure to choose the best Board for each situation. That's all!" Omochao says.

Since there's not anything else you can buy, move on to the next stage...
Stage 12: Erupting Troubles(player: Jet)

NOTE: For this entire Stage, you'll have to use the Emerald Stomp, so you'll need to purchase it, because it is the only board that is capable of touching the lava without melting, due to it's strength and endurance.
This stage takes place on the inside of a Volcano. The looks of the stage are pretty much like Fang's previous stage, but there's a lot more magma around, magma rivers flowing at high speed(this is where your board will go through) surrounded by rocky walls and platforms with shooting enemies.

The first part of the stage will take you through a straight-forwarded lava river. This river has platforms on it's surroundings, with EggDrones shooting you from them. Just avoid these enemies' attacks. You will also find rings and ramps for you to do tricks along the path. You'll also find flying EggDrones hovering over the lava river. To destroy this, just run over them to destroy them with your Board's needles.

The rest of this first half of the stage will remain the same. The only difference will be that, as it progresses, you will find more enemies, rocks that you'll have to avoid, lava "beams" that burst from the river, and more ramps along the path. Once you get through this first half, you'll reach the Chaos Emerald, and an in-game cutscene will interrupt you.

{In-Game Cutscene}

"Oh yeah! The second Emerald's mine!" Jet said, and kept going.

Jet kept moving on, until he saw a dead end.

"Damn, how am I supposed to get out of here?" Jet asked. Suddenly, he heard a vibration.

"Hey, what was that? Wait, don't tell me..." Jet said, and slowly turned around, and saw a lava river coming down toward him extremely fast.

"THIS PLACE'S ERUPTIIIIIIING!!!" Jet shouted, and quickly, he jumped over the incoming river, that took him to the outside of the Volcano. Jet, along with the river, was comming down at an incredible speed through the Volcano's slope. It was now a slope covered in an incredibly fast coming down lava river, with Jet over it.

"LET'S GOOOOOOOOO!!!" Jet shouted.

{End In-Game Cutscene}

This second half of the stage takes place on the outside of the Volcano(you can see the desert at noon beyond). You are over the lava river that's coming down(you still have to use the Emerald Stomp).

This part of the stage is like a running-down path, that goes at an incredible speed. You will find rocks of melted lava along the way, ramps, and of course, flying EggDrones shooting you from above.

You'll need to excecute an awesome use of your reflexes in this part, since you're going way too fast, and at the same time, you'll have to avoid the rocks, and avoid the enemy shots(you can run over the enemies to destroy them, so that'll save you the trouble of avoiding them), and, with the path's speed, plus the ramps, you'll reach a speed that will make you remember Sonic's speed.

The stage keeps going pretty much like this, only it gets harder as you progress. At the end of the Volcano(that means you reaching it's floor) you'll reach the Goal Ring.

Jet says "Alright, that's it!", takes off his goggles, and stears his Board as the points accumulate and your rank is given.
As Jet got to the floor of the Volcano, he flew to the skies. After a few seconds of altitude, he saw a pyramid.

"Hmmm...that pyramid seems interesting. I bet there's something useful in there! I better go check it out" Jet said, and flew toward the pyramid.